Meet the Team at Ohana Luxury Addiction Treatment in Hawaii





Elliott Michael Smith opened his first business at the age of 18 and by 21, had over 300 employees working at his agency. From a young age, he gained a lot of experience in leadership and management. Elliott produced over a dozen major motion pictures, but working in the industry did not come without its pitfalls. Having struggled with a substance use disorder on and off from the age of 17, Elliott found himself constantly retriggered. After various attempts at sobriety and treatment, Elliott attained long-term recovery after an intensive outpatient program helped him get to the root cause of his addiction. Elliott sees a need and a unique way to reshape the addiction treatment industry by providing extended care and removing the hurdle of having to leave everything behind to attain it. At The Ohana, Elliott is accountable for creating an environment and culture that focuses on fulfilling the organization’s mission, vision, and values. His tasks include operational management, program development supervision, strategic planning, and more.



Bridget Heady is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University and over 15 years of direct clinical experience. In addition, Bridget has worked as a Consultant helping start-up organizations and those looking to achieve accreditation from The Joint Commission for over 10 years. She understands both the clinical and administrative areas of creating quality organizations. She is dedicated to the field of substance use and mental health in order to provide exceptional treatment and safety to clients. With compliance as a main focus, Bridget oversees organizational decisions and implementation of policies that provide exceptional client care; making suggestions from experience and knowledge for the growth and development of the organization. She ensures that the organization’s staff strictly adheres to local, state, and federal laws and regulations in providing treatment. It is her passion to create an environment where we can make a difference in the lives of our clients and provide a space for them to succeed in their recovery. In her free time, Bridget enjoys spending quality time with her family & friends, and traveling.






Dr. McGrath began his career in Hawaii in 1995. He serves as Medical Director of the Behavioral Health Division and Attending Inpatient Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Physician at Kona Community Hospital. He also serves as an assistant clinical professor at the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine in Honolulu and a clinical instructor with the University of Washington’s School of Medicine Physician Assistant (PA) program in Seattle. Previously, Dr. McGrath served in a number of outpatient settings including crisis shelters, homeless shelters, and care homes. He has practiced inpatient behavioral health since 1997. Dr. McGrath received his bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from Northern Illinois University and his medical degree from Southern Illinois University. He completed his residency in psychiatry and neurology from the University of California, Irvine. Dr. McGrath went on to become triple boarded in psychiatry and neurology, addiction medicine, and pain medicine. His passion has always been combining the care of the individual with a curiosity and creative energy for the challenges presented by inefficient and ineffective practices in the system of behavioral health care. He shares the vision of enhancing the health of the community, one person at a time.

Chezare Torres, RN

Registered Nurse

Chezare Torres, a native of Hilo, Hawaii, is a 41-year-old parent to three children with a diverse range of interests. In their free time, they enjoy surfing, diving, and playing musical instruments, alongside spending quality moments with loved ones.  With a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a Healthcare Administration concentration from the University of Hawaii at Hilo (2016) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Aspen University (2020), Chezare aspires to become a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner.  Chez’s nursing career spans roles as an E.R. nurse, long-term care nurse, and medical-surgical nurse, in addition to their work as a drug counselor. Currently, Chezare is a dedicated professional at The Ohana where he is ar part of a mission-driven team committed to transforming lives positively.





After retiring from a career in law-enforcement, Dr. Serle returned to school to earn a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and a PhD in psychology with a clinical specialization. Since 2007 Dr. Serle has worked in the field of mental health and substance use disorders. within Hawaii, he has worked with the severely mentally ill, adolescents in high school, and outpatient and residential substance use disorder treatment centers. He has been a key team player in the development of several substance use disorder start up companies. Dr. Serle has a passion for working in the substance use disorder recovery field and receives great satisfaction from helping individuals recover from addiction. He especially enjoys leading and creating teams to instill passion in others to provide quality treatment to those suffering from substance use disorders.

April Moran, m.a. LMHC


April Moran has over 20 years of direct experience as a counselor working in both mental health and substance use treatment. She believes in meeting her clients where they are at, based on their goals and values.  She values that everybody’s path to recovery looks different and helps guide clients on their own unique journeys. Her roots are in a holistic approach to healing as individuals’ minds, bodies, and spirits are all interconnected. She is EMDR trained and believes that trauma is at the root of addiction and many mental health diagnoses. She also has extensive experience in family work using a systemic approach. In her spare time she loves to create art.

Karl Prater, M.A., LMFT

Director of Family Services

With a commitment to mental health that spans over three decades, Karl F. Prater is a seasoned Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, having dedicated 27 years to the profession. The Big Island of Hawaii has been fortunate to benefit from his expertise for the past 23 years. As a proficient mental health supervisor for 16 years, Karl has also provided invaluable service to the local community through his private practice for over 7 years. At The Ohana, he holds the esteemed position of Therapist and Director of the Family Program.  Karl’s primary area of expertise lies in Family Therapy and Systemic Consulting. Above all, his passion radiates in guiding clients towards their life goals and bolstering the professionals accompanying them on their journey.




Honor is a dedicated and empathetic professional who has devoted her career to helping individuals struggling with substance use disorders find the support and care they need. As an Admission Coordinator at The Ohana, she plays a pivotal role in guiding individuals and their families through the crucial first steps of their recovery journey.  As an Admission Coordinator, Honor oversees the initial assessment, She conducts thorough interviews with prospective clients to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals. Honor uses her deep understanding of addiction to assess the appropriate level of care and treatment options, ensuring that each individual receives a personalized and holistic plan. Honor commitment to helping individuals find hope and healing in their journey to recovery is both inspiring and commendable. Honor dedication to her work serves as a beacon of hope for those in search of a brighter, substance-free future.




Lee Jason Friend is a mindfulness practitioner and motivational speaker who has shared his message of sobriety through mindfulness and self-acceptance around the world. He is the author of New Thought, New Action, New Life which is a consciousness coaching tool that has been used by recovery and treatment centers to help clients have a better understanding of their connection to their spiritual selves. He is the creator of a life transforming workshop and The Ohana Tree, which has helped so many on their path of recovery and self-discovery. Lee’s gentle and spiritual approach to recovery helps those seeking personal transformation discover their connection to personal freedom and opportunities.

April Vinega


With a lifelong passion for health and fitness April’s intention is to assist in the process of finding the body’s homeostasis that can help live a stress-free, fulfilling life.  April uses a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques that create deep relaxation and also balance in the musculoskeletal system.  April strongly believes every person is unique, therefore she listens carefully to craft individualized plans to maximize the therapeutic effects.   April studied under the amazing Angela Leslie, and focuses on areas such as Lomi Lomi, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic cupping, and Reiki.   Her other passions include adventures with her son, weightlifting, jumping rope, and enjoying the beauty of Hawaii. 

Tia Sims


Tia Sims is a licensed acupuncturist who not only aims to balance the physical, but specializes in mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She holds a Masters in Acupuncture, a Bachelors in Health Science, and a Bachelors in Transpersonal Psychology. Tia has a strong passion for treating addiction, as she herself has struggled and overcome addictions in the past. Tia has worked in various rehabs since 2015 and continues to feel deeply satisfied by her client’s palpable transformations with the help of Chinese Medicine. Tia’s other loves include her husband and two young daughters, yoga, art, piano, African drum & dance, travel, and choosing to see the beauty in all things.




Elizabeth is a registered dietitian with a passion for helping individuals who run the spectrum of disordered eating to eating disorders.  She works in a Residential and outpatient setting, collaborating with physicians and therapists to provide comprehensive care to her clients.  Having a background in psychology with a focus on mindfulness-based therapies, she incorporates trauma-informed modalities to help guide individuals to their path of recovery and a sustainable relationship with food and their bodies.

Allan Davis


Allan-Collin Mailani Davis, a native of Hawaii’s breathtaking Big Island, embodies a profound connection to the local culture and its culinary heritage. With over a decade of culinary expertise under his belt, Davis is a master of crafting exquisite dishes that seamlessly blend traditional Hawaiian flavors with contemporary gourmet techniques. His deep-rooted passion for locally sourced ingredients is not just a culinary commitment but also a reflection of his dedication to sustainability and community. Chef Davis has honed his skills at renowned establishments worldwide, and his culinary artistry is now a cornerstone of our luxury addiction treatment center in Hawaii. Through his inspired and health-conscious creations, he invites our clients on a transformative journey towards well-being, harnessing the therapeutic power of food to facilitate their recovery.

Kerry Riley


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kerry’s  esteemed culinary journey commenced in the vibrant city that cultivated his palate for the culinary arts. In his early twenties, he ventured to San Francisco, where he immersed himself in the city’s thriving food scene. Under the mentorship of some of the nation’s top chefs, he honed his skills and expertise. Over two decades spent in the Bay Area, he received comprehensive training in a diverse range of cuisines, including classic French, Italian, Mexican, and Mediterranean. His career trajectory took an exciting turn when he was granted the opportunity to travel to Greece with a team of talented chefs to launch Kokkari Estiatorio in San Francisco—a culinary endeavor that ultimately propelled the restaurant to national acclaim.  Even today, Kerry’s passion for creating exquisite dishes and bringing smiles to our client’s faces remains undiminished. With a commitment to culinary excellence, he continues to craft memorable culinary experiences, inviting all to savor his delectable creations. BON APPÉTIT!



Operations Director

With an open-minded, heartfelt approach to Addiction Counseling, Joseph extends an invitation for all who want to live to one’s greatest potential free from addiction. Joseph holds a B.A. from Naropa University in Contemplative Psychology, is a certified Recovery Coach, and is currently obtaining an M.A. in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. Additionally, he studied Organizational Leadership at Colorado State University. His passion for helping others spans a career of 10 years working as a counselor, mentor, and program coordinator within sober living environments, intensive outpatient, collegiate recovery, and wilderness therapy. When not working he enjoys surfing, practicing yoga, and participates in community theater productions throughout Hawaii.



Every single person has value and it is David’s strong desire to be a driving force behind that realization for our clients. He has recently moved to the Big Island from the Midwest and brings a hard-work ethic to the Aloha spirit of the islands. David also has personal experience in addiction and recovery. Knowing the difficulties involved, he recognizes and empathizes with those living a life of addiction and realizes its profound effect on loved ones and every facet of life. He has had past experience working for the government at the local, state, and federal levels. Outside of The Ohana, David’s passion is his family. He loves spending his free time experiencing all that the island has to offer with his wife and young son. David is also proud to have an adult son and two adult daughters, along with three awesome grandchildren. He enjoys home projects, whether inside or outside, and is not afraid to tackle seemingly daunting tasks. He has a strong fondness for classic and sports cars and finally retired from a career in semi-professional football at the age of 47. It is David’s wish that he can positively influence every client that he crosses paths with at The Ohana. He is living proof that anything is possible as long as you have the courage to take that first step forward.



Linn is an overnight Resident Care Technician and brings a unique blend of compassion and commitment to her role. As a self-described “night owl,” Linn thrives during the overnight shift, where her talents truly shine. Patients under her care consistently praise her unwavering kindness and her ready availability to provide support during the quietest hours of the night.  Her experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) not only reflects her passion for caregiving but also demonstrates her extensive knowledge in providing specialized assistance to our residents. Linn’s dedication to ensuring the well-being and comfort of our clients during the overnight hours is a testament to her commitment to their recovery journey. Her nurturing presence and expertise contribute significantly to the tranquil and supportive environment we strive to provide at our addiction treatment center in Hawaii.

David Gloor


David approaches his role with a strong belief in empowering individuals on their path to sobriety by providing a diverse array of strategies aimed at cultivating a positive mindset and outlook. He firmly advocates for offering various approaches to those who aspire to lead a clean and sober life.  In David’s philosophical view, active participation in one’s own recovery is key to success. He emphasizes the importance of individuals learning to become comfortable with the discomfort of the transitional period, leading to a profound understanding that “just for today” is not only a valuable lesson in patience but also a fundamental aspect of acceptance. David holds the conviction that surrendering or acknowledging powerlessness is not a sign of weakness but rather the pathway to liberation and the establishment of a solid foundation for a better life. His approach to assisting individuals in their journey towards recovery is grounded in these guiding principles.

Shayna Reichardt


Cailin Coleman