Who We Serve

Our Clients Are Committed And Ready To Change

At The Ohana, we serve clients who desire freedom from active addiction and are ready to do the work to attain that freedom. They are open-minded and willing to dive deep within themselves to address past wounds in order to support their long-term recovery.

How We Help

At The Ohana, we serve clients who have successfully detoxed from all substances or are at least three days from last use of alcohol or drugs. We serve our clients through adventure-filled, trauma-informed, and evidence-based practices that are implemented throughout the various programs and services that we offer.

For those that are unable to take time off from work or who are currently attending school, we offer a day program that allows these clients to work or go to school remotely, part-time, after therapy.

In our 30 to 120 day programs, clients commit to meeting 5 days per week for multiple hours each day. During this time, clients participate in ongoing therapy (individual and group), mindfulness practices (yoga, meditation, art therapy, etc.), and group adventures around the island.

We Serve Clients From All Walks Of Life

At The Ohana, we serve clients that are in different places of their recovery journey, and in different places in life. Our vast array of programs equips us to provide effective treatment to anyone who walks through our doors.


About 25-30% of our clients come to us from the islands. Our other clients come from all parts of the mainland. We've even had a client from New Zealand!


Our youngest clients are 18, and the oldest we've served were in their 70s. It's amazing to see these various life experiences come together!


Often times we offer services to clients seeking treatment for their first time. On average, our clients stay with us for 60 days before returning home.

We Have A 2:1 Patient To Staff Ratio

Although we are happy that we are able to help so many different people from across the nation and even the globe every year, we are still committed to keeping our care personal, and our groups small. In this way, we are able to ensure that every patient gets the highest quality of care.

Find Out If The Ohana Is A Good Fit For You

At The Ohana, we offer a vast array of programs that span across the spectrum of treatment – allowing us to help clients in different parts of their recovery journeys.


If you are looking to deepen your recovery, The Ohana may be just what you’re looking for. Between our highly trained staff and luxurious facility surrounded by fruit trees and trails, we are able to give you the highest level of care in a setting you will remember forever.

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