The Ohana is the only world-class intensive outpatient center and integrated sober living facility

for the treatment of substance abuse on the Island of Hawaii. We are a therapeutic, trauma informed haven that is centered in spirituality— acclaimed by patients, physicians, carriers, and employees who seek long-term results for their patients. Our vision is achieved through our commitment to: Excellence in service, trauma informed care, employee development, ethical and fair treatment of all, tools for maintaining long-term sobriety, compassion, and innovative therapeutic techniques.

Our outpatient day program has the highest level of care and structure provided within a sober living facility. In a day program, clients commit to meeting 5 days per week for multiple hours each day. During this time, patients will participate in ongoing therapy, group counseling, biofeedback, and other adjunct therapies, such as art or music therapy as well as group adventures around the island. Patients remain in our sober living facility after each session. Our day program requires a time commitment however, patients have the availability to work or go to school part-time after therapy each day and on weekends.

Enjoy Hawaii while you recover

Set amidst the peaceful Hawaiian landscape, patients explore attachment traumas, find long-term recovery, explore spirituality, and participate in adventures across the island in a safe and therapeutic environment that prevents chronic relapse.

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