Adventure therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines nature, community, and exercise. The Adventure Therapy Program at The Ohana introduces clients to sober activities that help them tap into their natural curiosity, develop self-esteem, and conquer fear.


In general, adventure therapy helps people increase resilience, overcome fears, practice mindfulness in stressful situations, and build trust for themselves as well as others.

At The Ohana, our main goal with adventure therapy is to help clients develop healthy relationships with their peers. We believe that one of the major issues of addiction is isolation which can be overcome through healing work that re-establishes our ability to connect and create Ohana. By participating in sober activities and challenging themselves to conquer fears, clients practice skills and establish relationships that will help them maintain and create ohana as they transition back to daily life.

How it’s implemented

Our adventure therapy program is implemented through a variety of activities. Each activity sets our clients up to challenge themselves and develop a variety of skills to bring back home.

Some of Our Adventures

Volcano Adventure

Visiting the volcanoes on the island will be one of our main adventures. This all day excursion will take clients to the famous volcano of the island. They will tour the rim of the volcano as well as visit lava tubes. They will be immersed into nature; connecting to the earth and the power which it holds. Clients will experience a therapeutic group session along their journey as they reflect on how things are constantly changing. Volcanoes beautifully illustrate the process of rebuilding and reshaping.

Zipline Canopy Tour

Ziplining is another activity we will use as a team building exercise. Some clients may be afraid of heights or afraid of trusting a structure designed to hold them up. Others will be so excited to go for it. The mix of the two will help clients build trust, and be able to communicate the vulnerable feeling of fear in a safe space with a team of leaders.


Snorkeling provides us with an amazing opportunity to practice mindfulness and focus on the breath. Clients will slow down, submerge themselves into a different natural world, and practice seeing things from a different angle.

Dolphin/Equine Therapy

We use dolphin and/or equine therapy during which clients have one-on-one time with the animals to experience release in a non-judgemental space. Here they experience acceptance and reflection through the animals.

Dolphin and Whale Sea Adventure

A signature adventure at The Ohana; clients will board a private chartered boat to go and explore the Kona coast. Along their journey they will learn about the history and points of interest surrounding the Big Island. This is a perfect opportunity for clients to practice their mindfulness skills as they completely envelop themselves in this amazing adventure. The boat guides will take clients to areas where whales and dolphins are often spotted. They will then have the chance to swim with the dolphins and hopefully, view some whales along the way. Time permitting, the boat will then escort them to a private cove to experience world-class snorkeling and enjoy lunch.

Botanical Garden and Plant Maze

On this adventure clients will visit a botanical garden and work their way through an enormous plant lined maze. Clients will experience Hawaii’s horticulture through a mindfulness lens; taking in the sights, smells, and textures of plants that are native to the island. The lush botanical garden also features breathtaking waterfalls and an arboretum. Using team building skills clients will take part in travelling through a 5 foot tall plant maze that is the size of a football field. They will learn to trust their intuition and work with others to find the only exit out of the maze.

Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park

Known by the Hawaiians as the “place of refuge” Pu'Uhonua offers clients a unique opportunity to release and let go of the things that no longer serve them. They will visit the site where Hawaiians once sought refuge as well as came to find new purpose in their lives. Surrounded by hiking trails and premium snorkeling spots, Pu'Uhonua encompasses so many of the holistic and therapeutic elements of our program.

Kona Hiking Trails

The island offers a series of world-class hiking trails for folks of all skill levels. Clients can either hike through a field of butterflies or hike to a private waterfall oasis. Each hike will offer a new and unique perspective of all the beauty Kona has to offer.

Cloud Forest Sanctuary

Clients will be able to experience the joy of walking among the “clouds” during a privately guided tour. Clients will take a mindfulness journey as they move through a tropical endangered cloud forest.

Kahaluu Beach Park

Along this beach lives a community of sea turtles. Here clients will be able to feel the connection with all that surrounds them and experience the healing energy of the turtles. The beach itself features crystal clear water and an inviting beach front. The beach also features many historical landmarks. Last (but definitely not least), it is a prime spot for snorkeling.