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Posted by The Ohana @ Wed Mar 24 2021

Healing in Hawaii The Health Benefits of an Island Treatment Center

Despite the growing epidemic of opioid addiction, Hawaii has the lowest number of opioid prescriptions in the United States. The national average in 2018 was 51.4 opioid prescriptions per 100 people, while Hawaii reported just 33.4 opioid prescriptions per 100 people!

This doesn't mean that Hawaii is immune to opioid addiction. It's just that the powers of healing in Hawaii are stronger due to the location's natural advantages. 

Hawaii is defined by its unique environment and intrinsic sense of adventure. Both of these features have been proven to lower stress and improve mood. This setting encourages a healthy lifestyle and greater mental well-being.

This is the key to battling addiction. If you or your loved ones are looking to recover from substance abuse, look no further than Hawaii. Completing addiction treatment in Hawaii will have better results than a traditional facility. 

This article will discuss some of the powerful healing elements at work in Hawaii. Read on to learn some of the incredible natural benefits of addiction treatment on the islands.

Natural Healing in Hawaii

The ocean and forest environments of Hawaii can unlock the healing powers of nature. When applied to addiction therapy, these environments can transform lives.

The Power of Nature

Cortisol is your natural stress chemical. Its purpose is to prepare the body for the fight-or-flight response. Some level of stress is normal. If your stress level is too high, it can get in the way of relaxation and healing. 

Several scientific studies have been performed on the benefits of nature and its effects on mental health and wellbeing. They found that exposure to a natural environment is one of the most powerful ways to reduce stress.

One of the studies exposed subjects to varying natural environments. They found that the more natural the environment, the lower the physiological and psychological stress. This was due to a lower cortisol level.

This is one of the reasons that powerful emotional and spiritual experiences often occur in the wild. 

Furthermore, working and learning in green spaces has been linked to improved cognitive development and self-control in children. Adults also experience better attention functioning with exposure to nature. They also manifest increased discipline and cognitive flexibility. 

Beyond the scientific, nature can have powerful emotional benefits. Think of the calm instilled just by listening to the sounds of waves, or birds chirping in the woods. 

Treating Addiction and Comorbidities 

The world today is full of stressors. These stressors can trigger higher cortisol levels and contribute to depression and anxiety. Stressors, depression, and anxiety can trigger substance abuse.

Even if they don't cause each other, substance use disorders and other mental illnesses are often linked. They can also make each other worse. About half of people who struggle with substance abuse also struggle with another mental illness, and vice versa. 

Reducing stressful symptoms is how nature helps your mental health. If simply existing in nature can cause a lower stress response, imagine the power in addiction treatment conducted in harmony with nature. 

The sunlight and fresh air raise your levels of serotonin, your happy hormone. Serotonin acts as a mood stabilizer, reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety while boosting your mood. The fewer mental health symptoms you experience, the easier it is to recover.

Nature is not a substitute for traditional addiction therapy. It can be treated like a vitamin. It supplements your health and opens you up for recovery. Psychotherapy conducted in this healing environment is both powerful and effective for addiction treatment. 

Adventure Therapy

Maintaining sobriety after addiction treatment comes down to engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Part of addiction therapy is relearning what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Exercise and adventure in the rugged beauty of Hawaii can teach you how to live a healthy, sober lifestyle again.

Benefits of Exercise for Recovery

All exercise from hiking to light gardening has been linked to reduced blood pressure and higher levels of endorphins. These benefits reduce the need to cope with substances. 

Exercise can improve sleep quality, which is a common issue in recovery. It's not uncommon for an addict to reveal that they started using substances to help them fall asleep. Exercise can improve both the quality and quantity of sleep.

Furthermore, exercise produces those feel-good endorphins. Endorphins help manage mood and prevent relapse by mitigating stress and mental health symptoms. 

Adventures in Hawaii

The most powerful exercise sessions are those conducted in nature with a dash of adventure. These sessions are the backbone of the healing process in Hawaii. Adventure therapy can range from hiking in the lush, green jungle to exploring volcanoes. 

One of the most unique adventures is a tour of the rims of volcanoes, and their lava tubes. You will experience a therapeutic group session along your adventure, and reflect on the power of nature and your connection to the earth.

Through these adventures, you can learn resilience, improve self-esteem and conquer fear. Combining nature, community, and exercise, your recovery journey can be both effective and astonishing. 

Check out this article to read more about the benefits of adventure therapy.

Animal Therapy

Similar to how volcanoes can teach you about reshaping and renewing, animals can teach you about acceptance. Animal therapy has long been accepted as a treatment for addiction. Animal therapy allows you to connect with the natural world, and experience a judgment-free zone.

Animal therapy has been linked to reduced stress and blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol and increased physical activity. It can also reacquaint victims of sexual assault with the feelings of healthy touch and relationship forming. 

Through equine therapy, you can choose a horse, groom it, take care of it, and learn to ride it. This is a great way to boost confidence, and learn how to balance responsibility again. In this way, it prepares you to re-enter the world after rehab.

In Hawaii, you have the opportunity to experience animal therapy with dolphins.

Start Your Recovery Journey

Despite its reputation as a vacation destination, you can experience Hawaii as so much more. From unique adventures on the volcanoes and in the jungles, to the calming waters on the beach, your addiction therapy can be a transformative adventure. 

At The Ohana, we use the natural power of our unique location as one of our treatments. If you're ready to start healing in Hawaii, contact us to explore our programs and find what's right for you.

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