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Ohana Addiction Treatment Center is, truly, a one-of-a-kind facility. One of the most unique things about our facility is the fact that we offer and encourage the use of adventure therapy. This form of psychotherapy provides the opportunity for individuals to embrace the healing power of nature, physical activity, and community to our clients. The primary goals of adventure therapy are to help our clients overcome fears revolving around recovery, practice mindfulness, increase their self-esteem, and build trust with themselves and their peers. 

These peer relationships are essential to treatment. Addiction can be an incredibly isolating illness. Adventure therapy allows you to create connections through sober activities in several engaging exercises. If the idea of a luxurious and adventure-filled recovery treatment program is something that interests you, The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center might be the best place for you.

The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center’s Surroundings

At Ohana, we are able to implement several adventurous activities thanks to our surroundings. Located in the heart of Kailua-Kona, our facility is surrounded by ocean views, tropical forests, and many other natural beauties. Our location allows for a private, safe space for our clients to heal and recover, and what could be better than doing that on our little slice of paradise? Recovery is difficult, but being in a beautiful, serene place can make a significant difference in your recovery. Here at Ohana, we work to ensure your experience is luxurious, healing, and freeing.

In addition to the relationships and connections that you will make, our adventure therapy programs will help you to begin the reconnection process that happens during treatment. When individuals initially enter into a treatment program, there is often a disconnect between the minds and bodies. Surrounding oneself with the healing power of the island will allow you to reconnect and start a new.

Our Adventure Therapy Activities

When on an island, the opportunities for adventures are endless. Some of the adventures you may embark on while with us include:

  • Volcano adventures:  On these all-day excursions, you will have the chance to experience the rim of the volcano. This immersion into nature will allow you to connect to the earth and includes a therapeutic group session. Clients learn from the volcano how they too can rebuild and reshape their lives into a life of recovery.

  • Ziplining: This is another adventure that will provide you the chance to bond with your peers. Ziplining will challenge you to conquer your fears and learn how to rely on others to support you during your struggles. While unorthodox, if you have a fear of heights and trusting others, a technique such as this will teach you to trust and increase your confidence and self-esteem in yourself and with what you are capable of.

  • Snorkeling: It is common to think of snorkeling as a family fun activity to do on a cruise. Not many think of it as a potential treatment for addiction. Snorkeling will offer you a chance to practice mindfulness, specifically through breath work which is at the core of practicing mindfulness techniques.

  • Botanical Garden and Plant Maze: One of our most popular mindfulness-based adventures involve the Botanical Garden and Plant Maze. Through the plant maze, you will take in many sights and smells that are native to the land of Hawaii, and have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful waterfalls. Along with your peers, you will work together to make your way through the maze where you will not only have to learn to trust each other, but to trust yourself as well.

  • National Park: The Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park is also known to Hawaiians as the place of refuge. The focus of this adventure is for you to release what no longer serves you. This historic spot is where many Hawaiians have come to find new meaning in their lives. Pu’uhonua embodies all it means for you to experience a treatment that is both holistic and therapeutic.

Why Choose Adventure Today

At times, life can become an adventure because something goes wrong. Treatment and recovery are bound to come with obstacles. The best way to handle these obstacles is through being mindful of life choices and trusting in those you surround yourself with to help you thrive in recovery. The main goal of adventure therapy here at Ohana is to help you connect with the world around you to receive health and healing. We strive to help our clients create healthy relationships with each other in a way that allows them to become ohana for life.

If you or someone you love is looking to embark on an adventure of recovery, consider joining the Ohana family today. Treatment does not have to be an experience filled with doom and gloom. In fact, it can be a time of growth and rebirth. Allow us to go on that adventure of growth and rebirth with you today. You may enter as a stranger but you will surely leave as ohana.

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