How C-Suite Alums Are Benefiting From Executive Treatment

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Have you ever been in a situation so out of your control that you’ve feared losing your job, career, and everything you’ve worked your whole life to achieve? Maybe you’ve been focusing on a professional five-year plan. You’ve probably spent countless hours working toward proving yourself worthy of whatever professional industry you’re trying to succeed in. 

Unfortunately, with all that hard work comes an overwhelming amount of stress placed upon you by yourself and maybe even others. Without healthy coping habits and a work-life balance, stress can lead to issues with addiction. The fear of losing a job or damaging a career is a common deterrent for people seeking treatment. So, how do people overcome this fear and seek addiction treatment? The answer is simple: executive treatment programs.

The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center enables residents to focus on work while receiving treatment. Alumni residents have found great success in this program, but they are still always encouraged to create a game plan for post-treatment recovery. Thankfully, your time with The Ohana doesn’t have to end completely. Residents enter as strangers and leave as family. Alumni should always feel support from our treatment facility in continuing their recovery adventure. 

If you’re struggling with recovery post-treatment, you’re not alone, and an executive program could help today.

What Does an Executive Rehabilitation Program Entail?

For those in recovery but unfamiliar with executive rehab programs, understanding them better will illustrate their benefits. Senior executives at companies (also known as c-suite employees) frequently utilize executive programs. They fear time away for treatment will impact not only their careers but the companies they work at. Thankfully, finding a program that tailors treatment to your individual needs is possible. 

Executive treatment accommodates c-suite-level employees to keep them connected to their work. Residents have access to computers, private areas to concentrate, and sometimes even travel support. These accommodations provide residents flexibility to keep working while they seek treatment. These programs often come with other perks too. Executive programs tend to be luxurious, and the amenities create a comfortable and relaxing environment more conducive to treatment.

The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center prioritizes providing top-tier treatment to its residents. High-quality treatment will empower you to discover sobriety while maintaining professional commitments. In addition to our luxurious facility, ocean views, and spiritually uplifting aesthetics, The Ohana also provides many evidence-based treatment modalities. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and psychodynamic therapy, along with other holistic-based therapies and adventures around the island.

What Makes Executive Treatment More Conducive to Long-Term Recovery?

In essence, executive treatment is the true embodiment of individualized treatment. These programs are the key to changing one-size-fits-all approaches to addiction recovery. In addition to the amenities you’ll have access to, our staff focuses on creating an individualized plan for your recovery. This plan will focus on your specific needs and from it, you’ll be able to create a game plan for post-treatment. 

These individual plans are making people’s recoveries more successful. Sometimes, work is part of the problem. As mentioned, leadership or c-suite careers come with a lot of stress. This stress can potentially lead to addiction, whether it be substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). Executive treatment will help you find a balance between your work and recovery. That way, when residents leave treatment, they’re more equipped to handle these work stresses.

Executive treatment programs offer options for individuals afraid of sacrificing work for treatment. However, this does not indicate that those who haven’t gone through an executive treatment had received a lesser level of care. It may just mean that re-adjusting back to work life is a little more difficult. 

The Ohana Difference

The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center is different from other facilities because of our emphasis on post-treatment support. We truly believe that residents enter as strangers but leave as Ohana. The goal is to provide people with a family of support, not just a facility. Our executive treatment emphasizes this goal too. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), indicates that 11.4% of business executives were diagnosed with SUD in 2014. Unfortunately, the number of those who actually sought treatment was significantly lower.

Now that you’ve completed treatment and have entered into recovery, consider telling your peers or friends suffering from addiction about our executive treatment programs. The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center can provide them with the comfort, support, and clinical modalities needed for a successful recovery. Treatment does not mean sacrificing your career. Begin your recovery adventure today.

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