The Benefits of Clean Eating for Your Recovery and Mental Health

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Food can impact health in various ways. What we put into our bodies can have an effect on our mood and play a role in the way we think and feel. Certain substances can also affect our self-image, which is how we see and feel about ourselves. This means that something as simple as the […]

How Mental Illness Evolves in Addiction

Patient meeting with a therapist

People struggling with mental illnesses often experience struggles with addiction, whether it be substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD). The correlation between the two may be slightly more prevalent dependent on the kinds of trauma people have experienced from their past. Either way, untreated mental illnesses can lead to addiction whether the […]

Meditation for Addiction: Effective Recovery Solutions at Ohana

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Treatment for a chronic disease like addiction often focuses on orthodox methods like medication management, clinical modalities, or different types of psychotherapies. These orthodox treatment paths are effective for some, but many may prefer unorthodox methods like homeopathic remedies, eastern medicine, or meditation. Meditation, in particular, is forgotten when considering addiction treatment. Thankfully, many facilities today are […]

Letting Go of Your Past to Protect Your Future

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One of the most fundamental parts of recovery is the importance of letting go of the past. In previous articles, we have referenced the Hawaiin way — how the native Hawaiin community has come together to utilize spiritual practices to aid people suffering from addiction, substance use disorders, or other mental and behavioral health disorders. […]

Helping Your Family Understand Your Addiction

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Addiction wasn’t recognized as a disorder or chronic disease until about the 1950s. Even after that, addiction continued to be a taboo topic. Mental illness, in general, has been a subject people don’t like talking about. People spent decades suffering silently instead of seeking treatment and making their way to a better life all along. […]

Long-Term Health Problems Related to Binge Drinking

Alcoholic Homeless Holding Liquor Bottle

There are several long-term effects that are caused by addiction and substance use disorder (SUD). Addiction wreaks havoc on one’s mental health, emotional well-being, and personal relationships. In fact, most people’s lives drastically change because of the choices they make because of addiction. Some people may lose their jobs, homes, or even their children because […]

Healthy Stress Management Coping Techniques

An asian woman listening to music and meditating at home

Often, the reason individuals fall into struggles with addiction is due to a lack of healthy coping mechanisms for the stressors in one’s life. In addition to traumatic experiences, unhealthy or unstable environments, the genetic prevalence of addiction, and an inability to handle life stressors healthily can lead to chronic substance use. Additionally, negative habits […]

How Negative Thinking Hurts Your Mental Health

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We often hear people discuss the importance of being optimistic or the power of positive thinking. Those of us who tend to be more pessimistic may think that optimism is just a form of false hope, or that negative thinking helps us to think more realistically. Unfortunately, being optimistic and getting our hopes up does […]

The Importance of Practicing Gratitude

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Many of us experience times when we focus on what we don’t have or the ways we’re struggling with life circumstances. Whether you’re suffering from substance use disorder (SUD), depression, or any other kind of mental disorder and dual-diagnosis, it’s common for negative thoughts to constantly warp our perception of things. Often, when we’ve fallen […]

Taking Care of Your Trauma During Treatment

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Trauma-informed treatment is an essential component to addiction recovery, as trauma is a powerful factor in causing active addiction. Science has told us that biological and environmental factors affect an individual’s prevalence of addiction. However, just as specific traumas can trigger a mental illness like panic disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic events can […]

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