Embracing Spirituality in Your Recovery

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The connection between spirituality and the 12-steps to recovery that most facilities implicate in their treatment programs is often misunderstood. The 12-steps encompass the idea of accepting that we have no control of our lives and, as a result, we must give everything over to our “high power.” The 12-steps, however, are not always a good fit for everyone. The assumption that all treatment works for all people is wildly incorrect. Even though the 12-steps may not be a great fit for you, incorporating a sense of spirituality into your recovery may be. 

Spirituality is organically associated with a lot of different holistic and cultural practices that we, at The Ohana Addiction Recovery Center, employ in our treatment programs. Recovery can be a very spiritual process and, in many instances, can help clients have a more successful and long-lasting recovery. Spiritually is specifically incorporated into our holistic treatment and should not be confused with religion. Many religious people may be spiritual but not all spiritual people are religious. If holistic and spiritual treatment is something that you are looking for in your recovery process, The Ohana may be the right fit for you.

What Does Spirituality Mean to You?

Many use the terms spirituality and religion interchangeably when, in fact, they can be very different from each other. Spirituality can have everything to do with someone’s religion but someone can also be spiritual in the nondenominational sense, meaning they believe in the idea of a higher power without being a part of an organized form of religion. In many instances, spirituality can simply be about one’s connection with nature, utilization of the healing energies of the earth to aid in recovery from addiction, mental illness, or a wide range of other struggles.

Sometimes spirituality is just about believing in something greater than ourselves regardless of how we define it. When we do believe in something greater than ourselves, we can find a sense of comfort in seeking recovery and, in general, with the trials and tribulations of daily life. The early stages of your treatment and recovery may be about discovering what you believe in, how you define it, and why you may want to rely on it. In many instances, those new to treatment will feel a dissociation between their mind, body, and spirit. The road to recovery is designed to reconnect these intrinsic parts of yourself, and spiritual practices may help you to reconnect in a healthy and long-lasting way.

Spirituality and Holistic Treatment at Ohana

One of the many benefits of our holistic therapy program at The Ohana is that we create individualized care plans for each client. Again, it’s unrealistic to think one kind of treatment or plan of care is going to fit everyone. Individualizing your treatment helps pinpoint the root cause of your struggles while incorporating your spiritual beliefs or practices as well. Our holistic program will as help you to reconnect your mind, body, and soul through a variety of mindfulness-based practices like yoga and meditation. These techniques and tools help you learn healthier coping habits and develop a greater sense of inner peace with yourself.

At its core, The Ohana’s holistic program functions to help our clients build a stronger foundation for long-lasting recovery. We are more concerned with how spirituality creates a connection for you. We provide a safe place for all clients to explore their spiritual beliefs and express those beliefs with one another. Being given the time and place to explore your spirituality will help you to confront your traumas and the demons of your past, deal with them at their core and implement those practices into your everyday life as a means of maintaining your recovery long-term.

Benefits of the Inclusion of Spirituality in Recovery

One of the core reasons why the inclusion of spirituality into addiction recovery is so effective and beneficial is that it forces someone to hand over all their troubles to a higher power. The lack of spirituality, connection to the earth, or belief in something greater than yourself comes with a lot of pressure. Being able to let go and put your life in the hands of, or maybe lack thereof, something omnipotent can give you the strength and guidance to find freedom from addiction and maintain a long-lasting recovery.

If spirituality exploration is of interest to you, there’d be no better place to do it than The Ohana Addiction Recovery Center. Our facility is centered in the midst of the island, where the healing power of nature will help you find a connection with yourself, others, and the energy of the world. Spirituality doesn’t have to be an elaborate production of events or organized groups of people. All it has to be is you, what you believe, and how that belief heals your wounds. 

If you are struggling to be free of addiction and develop a belief in something that can help you through addiction, become a part of The Ohana today. We can offer you the necessary guidance for your recovery adventure.

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