Hawaiian Healing and the Effects of Our Culture on SUD

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Cultural backgrounds and certain experiences can affect one’s struggle with substance use disorder (SUD) and even the prevalence of those suffering from SUD. Individuals bring with them pieces of their personal experiences and cultures. Unfortunately, for some, that may include bringing along some unfavorable baggage for the ride of life. One’s culture can include much more than just heritage. Sometimes, culture is also equivalent to the environment we live in, and those environments alone can contribute to struggles surrounding SUD. 

Culture also has the potential to foster environments of healing for those suffering from SUD. The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center integrates the culture of the land into its addiction treatment programs. Not only are these holistic approaches more conducive to maintaining long-term sobriety, but they’ll teach you life changes that will help to improve all areas of your life post-treatment. To experience the benefits of Hawaiian healing in your recovery, consider a program with The Ohana. 

How Culture Exacerbates SUD

Sometimes, education is the best defense against our problems. Whether we’re suffering from medical problems, mental disorders, or illnesses such as SUD, the first step is educating ourselves on the dangers we’ll face and how we can get better. 

For this reason, it is essential to understand the ramifications your cultural environment is having on your disorder. As mentioned, culture is about so much more than where we come from or our heritage. Culture is also the culmination of the people we surround ourselves with, our family and the environments where our development occurs, and the ways we allow these factors to influence who we become. 

American culture is frequently associated with substance use, particularly drinking. Special occasions, public events, and family holidays are very rarely found without the presence of alcohol. Social drinking, in itself, is a culture. This culture has evolved to the point where more and more people are suffering from SUD, but many are still able to function in their daily lives. 

Instances of high-functioning alcoholism — including in the workplace – have been on the rise for some time now, and today’s culture has been instrumental in this rise. How can people successfully find treatment for alcohol use disorder (AUD) or SUD if they can’t acknowledge that they’re suffering? This is a prime example of a certain culture becoming toxic. Additionally, the cultural stigma surrounding the topics of mental health and addiction prevent people from seeking the appropriate treatment. 

Why Choose Hawaiian Healing?

The Ohana implements Hawaiian healing into treatment programs primarily through holistic treatment. Our treatment center brings leaders from the Hawaiian community to introduce our clients to an array of mindfulness and spiritual-based practices. This education process teaches holistic coping skills that you can integrate into your future life of recovery. 

Similar to any treatment program, the effectiveness of teachings and techniques will vary between clients in our program. Some are extremely receptive to Hawaiian teachings involving meditation and how it allows you to connect with divine energy. Others may benefit more from the Hawaiian teaching of forgiveness: Ho’oponopono. The beauty of The Ohana is that no matter what works best for you, all the tools you need or want to try will be at your disposal. 

Aside from the holistic benefits of Hawaiian teachings and healing, clients can find comfort in the benefits these ancient traditions hold. Many of the teachings of Hawaiian community leaders have been around for hundreds of years. In a world that is ever-changing with new findings, we may forget to look to the past for guidance in our adventure of life. Your time at The Ohana will provide the opportunity to learn the life-altering wisdom from these leaders in a way that will help put you on a path toward recovery and help you to stay on a path free from active addiction. 

Embracing Your Path to Healing

Native Hawaiian practices can promote overall physical and mental well-being outside of addiction recovery. Individuals can try Hawaiian massage therapies, herbal remedies, and endless opportunities for spiritual healing. 

One practice, mentioned above, is Ho’oponopono. Many use this Hawaiian practice as a form of conflict resolution. While trauma is typically a primary cause for SUD, the inability to handle conflict can impact those existing struggles. By embracing these Hawaiian healing practices, you’ll not only be able to live a life of recovery, but also improve almost every other aspect of your life. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from SUD, consider treatment with The Ohana today. Our programs provide so much more than evidence-based treatments and interventions, they provide the chance to practice mindfulness, reconnect with yourself spiritually, and learn from the most healing practices native to the land. Treatment with The Ohana means a life of recovery without putting your life on hold. Start your recovery adventure with The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center today.

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