What Is Outpatient Rehab and What Are Its Benefits A Guide

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When we think of rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, we may automatically think of inpatient rehab. This usually involves a stay in a specialist rehab center. But what is outpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab allows you to engage with an intensive rehab program. But the difference is that you don’t have to stay at the center overnight. What are the benefits of this approach?

Let’s take a closer look at the question ‘What is outpatient rehab?’ and how it can be beneficial for you.

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

The answer to the question ‘What is outpatient rehab?’ is that it takes many forms. Some programs are light and just require you to come into the rehab center for a few hours a day. Other programs are intensive outpatient rehab.

Intensive outpatient rehab usually involves you attending rehab like you would a full-time job. But at the end of the day, rather than staying at the center, you return to your own home or accommodation.

Other lighter options may involve attending for just a few hours per day.

It’s important to understand that if you choose outpatient rehab near me, it’s not an inferior option. Both outpatient and inpatient rehab can be very successful. They are just different approaches to suit people with different desires and needs.

What Happens at Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab involves many of the same activities as inpatient rehab. Its focus is to help you achieve long-term recovery. It prepares you with tools to use after you leave the program. 

Activities at outpatient rehab help you to understand the cause of your addiction. This will be slightly different for every person. Understanding why your particular addiction developed is the first step in learning how to control it.

An outpatient drug rehab center gives you the opportunity to open up and express yourself in a safe setting. You’ll be able to understand why your body reacts in certain ways to trauma. 

It will also explore your relationships. Drug and alcohol addiction sends ripples through every family it touches. Outpatient rehab can help you to understand how to work with family and friends to overcome your addiction.

What Are the Benefits of Outpatient Rehab?

For some people, the idea of inpatient rehab is overwhelming. It may seem like too much to go through, and this may put people off. If you think that inpatient drug rehab is your only option, it may stop you from seeking rehab altogether.

Outpatient rehab simply works better for many people due to their lifestyle and other commitments. Depending on the program you choose, outpatient rehab may be much less disruptive to your daily life. 

Continuing Your Employment

If you are currently employed and need to go to rehab, outpatient rehab may help you. You may be able to maintain your job on a temporarily reduced schedule. Or you may be able to access rehab on off-hours or during the weekends. 

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) obliges employers to release you to go to rehab. They are not able to fire you for seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment. However, they are not obliged to pay you while you are away.

You can discuss your options with your employer. They will likely be supportive of your desire to overcome your addiction. You may be able to work out a schedule that will allow you to keep working while attending rehab.

Caring Commitments

Many of us are juggling a number of commitments to people who depend on us. This is often children, but can also include elderly parents and other relatives. You may not be able to leave these commitments for the time needed to attend inpatient rehab.

Outpatient rehab can allow you to get the treatment you need, while still managing these commitments. 

Support from Family and Friends

The beauty of outpatient alcohol rehab and drug rehab is that you can remain connected with your family, friends, and the local community.

This can be a source of support for you. You will also be able to put the strategies that you learn as part of the program into practice straight away. This includes identifying triggers and handling them constructively. 

Who Can Especially Benefit from Outpatient Rehab?

Whether inpatient or outpatient rehab is most suitable for you will depend on a few different factors.

The first will be the severity of your addiction. For people with a very severe addiction to drugs or alcohol, inpatient rehab may be more suitable. They may need time away from their daily schedule to focus on overcoming their addiction.

Other people struggling with addiction may find that outpatient alcohol rehab or drug rehab is more appropriate. They can continue their employment and not lose out on their income.

They can also continue with their caring commitments, and family life can continue as normally as possible.

If you’re searching for outpatient drug rehab near me, look into the schedules they offer. You may find that there is a program that will help you to overcome your addiction while maintaining a reasonably normal schedule.

Other people may find that outpatient rehab is a more affordable option for them. As outpatient rehab does not involve accommodation and meals, you do not have to pay for these facilities.

Many insurance companies cover at least part of the cost of rehab. You may find that your out-of-pocket expenses are lower if you choose outpatient rehab.

Choose the Right Outpatient Rehab Center for You

We hope our answer to the question ‘What is outpatient rehab?’ has shown you that it can be a very effective way to overcome your addiction.

It offers the same support as inpatient programs but allows you to stay with your family. You may also be able to continue working during your recovery journey.

At The Ohana Recovery Center, we call your journey to sobriety your recovery adventure. We provide tailored inpatient and outpatient programs to help you break free from addiction.

We’ll help you to prepare for a full and happy life beyond our program, free from substance addiction.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you start your recovery adventure!

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