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Codependency is a relational behavior style that looks different for different relationships. Commonly, codependency results in individuals losing their sense of self and feeling unable to leave the relationship although they recognize its toxic nature. At The Ohana, we treat codependency through individual and group therapy, relationship building activities, and holistic therapy.

What is codependency?

Codependency used to refer to the often unbalanced relationship between an individual suffering from SUD and their partner or family members. Today, this term is used more broadly to describe unhealthy relationships where one individual is stuck in a giver role, while the other remains in a taker role. It is important to note that caretaking on its own does not mean codependency, it is the loss of self, and self worth that indicates that codependency may be present. In a codependent relationship, the giver may be afraid to leave the relationship because they are afraid that the taker cannot make it without them. Additionally, they may not know who they are without the need of the taker. On the other hand, the taker also has a hard time leaving because they have become reliant on the giver. Codependent relationships can occur within various relationships:
  • Romantic partnerships
  • Friendships
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Sibling relationship
  • Work relationships

Symptoms of codependency

Codependency can look different within different relationship structures. Below are a few signs that you are in an unhealthy, codependent relationship.
  • Taking responsibility for another's actions
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Lying and dishonesty
  • Lack of sense of self
  • Unable to keep boundaries
  • Extreme need for approval from others

Treatment for codependency

Codependency often results from attachment styles formed during childhood. Since psychodynamic therapy seeks to understand how a person became who they are, it is a great option for individuals seeking to break habitual codependent behaviors. Additionally, group therapy is a great space for individuals to explore how codependency has shown up in their relationships. During group therapy individuals can connect to others with similar experiences and practice setting healthy boundaries. Clients at The Ohana are also able to practice boundaries and develop trust in others in various adventures on the island as a part of the Adventure Therapy Program. Finally, an important aspect of healing from codependent relationships involves developing a strong self of self. Holistic therapy, which helps clients connect mind, body, and spirit is an effective avenue to gaining a strong sense of self to find freedom from codependent behaviors.

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