Our Family Program

At The Ohana, we understand that harmful family-of-origin dynamics can play a major role in shaping behaviors, including substance use. Many of our clients have found that the family “system” in which they were raised still impacts them today. 

Our clinical team involves clients’ families in the treatment process from the beginning, where appropriate. Our Family Program provides family therapy and educational resources to help you and your loved ones find new perspectives on addiction. We believe that treating the “family system” can be instrumental in helping the addict recover.

Why Family Work supports the Treatment Process

Our clinicians work with families in therapy to break down barriers, allowing all members to express their feelings, concerns, and hopes in a supportive environment. First and foremost, we establish that the therapy room is a safe space where all voices will be heard. 

From there, your clinician will help you to identify family patterns and coping mechanisms, getting to the heart of the issues that may have lingered for years. Often, family dynamics have developed as a way to avoid pain and discomfort. By identifying that pain, families can address it and move past it, negating the need for the harmful pattern. 

The Goal: Families learn healthier ways to cope with substance abuse and its associated challenges, replacing denial, blame, or avoidance with understanding, support, and proactive strategies. They work on rebuilding trust and strengthening their bonds. By addressing underlying issues and improving family dynamics, therapy can even reduce the risk of other family members turning to substance abuse or relapsing.

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