Leaning on others to help heal yourself.

Group therapy is a useful tool for people that have experienced (or are experiencing) similar struggles in their lives. By connecting with others in a safe space, individuals are able to share what they are going through, bounce ideas off of each other, and most importantly, realize they are not alone. At The Ohana, we believe that group experiences are invaluable when it comes to healing from addiciton.

The goals of group therapy

One of the biggest values of group therapy is the hope it instills in individuals as they come to realize that they are not alone and that healing is possible. With this new found hope, individuals are empowered to make changes that they need in order to thrive.
Behavioral changes
Improved relationship skills
Increased coping skills
During group therapy, clients hear parts of their stories in the sharing of others, enabling them to connect and develop relationships. Through these relationships clients learn how to communicate effectively, cope in new ways, and make necessary changes to improve their lives.

How group therapy is implemented

At The Ohana, our clients go to group therapy everyday Monday through Friday. During this process group, they are encouraged to share what has been coming up for them during their stay. They may want to further discuss what they learned that morning during their education hour, or they may want to process something else that has been at the forefront of their mind. In addition to the process group, clients participate in group activities in the adventure therapy program and attend peer-led meetings, giving them more opportunities to build healthy peer relationships on their healing journey. The end result: Clients establish healthy relationships and a deep sense of connection and hope. Through group insight and practice, clients change negative behavioral patterns, improve coping skills, and improve relational skills.

Is group therapy a good fit for you or your loved one?
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