Process past trauma in a safe way.

At The Ohana, we know that many of our clients come through our doors with experiences of past trauma (s) that have shaped many aspects of their lives today. In fact, we've found that our clients' substance use disorders are often the way that they cope with past trauma that has not been effectively processed. For this reason, we use trauma-focused therapy to help clients safely process past traumas without being re-traumatized.

The goals of trauma work

The main goal of trauma work is to help clients safely process past traumas without being retraumatized during the process. In doing so, clients become aware of how past traumas have impacted their choices and behaviors freeing them up to make different choices moving forward.
Establish feelings of safety
Increase skills and coping strategies
Increase resilience
As clients process their trauma, they are able to make more informed decisions instead of acting on impulse as a result of the lasting impact past trauma has on their physical, mental, and emotional states.

How trauma-focused therapy is implemented

At The Ohana, we implement trauma-focused therapy by first and foremost, creating a safe space for our clients to open up and dive into past experiences. By recognizing current behavior as a normal response to adversity, we help foster a space of compassion and understanding. Once safety is established, we begin to discuss the event or events that has led them to where they are today. Depending on the severity of the traumatic event, we may spend multiple sessions working through it so clients are not overwhelmed or re-traumatized. By breaking the event into bite-sized pieces, clients are able to safely revisit that time, experience compassion for themselves in the moment, and create awareness around the trauma's impact. From here, we collaborate with the client to create coping strategies, increase resilience, and establish feelings of safety if memories of the event arise or if new trauma occurs. The end result: The client is freed up from past traumas and is equipped to better handle and process any future trauma if it is to occur.

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