Find relaxation through sound vibrations.

Sound healing is an old practice that is believed to date back to ancient Greece. Much like other ancient practices, sound healing is now getting more attention during modern times as people struggle in their ability to relax and be present. With sound healing, vibrations from sound bowls, gongs, chimes, and other tools are used to help participants enter a state of meditation. Vibrations help you relax and experience the art of just being.

The benefits of sound healing

Sound healing enables you to experience a full body mindfulness emersion by using a sense that we don't often associate with mindfulness: hearing. The vibrations of sound bowls, gongs, and other tools help stimulate calm brain waves that are associated with meditative states, easing you into a meditative state yourself. Many clients express that sound healing has resulted in:
Mindfulness emersion
Stress release

How sound healing is implemented

At The Ohana, we practice sound healing on a regular basis with crystal bowls. In addition to sound healing, we incorporate a meditation technique that helps clear chakras and emotional blocks. Outside of implementing sound healing ceremonies, we also have a class every three weeks on the practice. Here, clients learn about the history, science, and various techniques and bowls that can be used. Additionally, they learn how they can performing sound healing on themselves so they can take this practice with them when they have completed treatment and are headed home. The end result: Clients are able to reach a new level of relaxation, stress release, and mindfulness through sound vibrations. Clients are given another tool to add to their tool box that will help them become present and reach meditative states when they are experiencing stress and an inability to be still.

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