Get rooted in your body to relieve stress.

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The practice was brought to the West in the 1890s and has continued to gain popularity among the public and more recently, among those working in behavioral health. At The Ohana, we incorporate yoga on a weekly basis so our clients can experience the benefits of connecting mind-body-spirit and practice a modality they can easily bring home.

The benefits of yoga

Yoga provides a whole-person approach to healing; helping people connect mind-body-spirit in a structured, tangible way. From reducing pain, to learning to accept and better cope with present circumstances, yoga is able to address various ailments of the human experience (whether physical, emotional, or spiritual). Some of the greatest benefits we see for addiction recovery include:
Reduce stress
Get into the body and promote physical well-being
Increase acceptance and patience

How yoga is implemented

At The Ohana, we offer yoga on a weekly basis. We bring in guest yoga teachers from around the island, and have an on-staff yoga instructor. Our yoga classes cater to various ability levels - we offer chair yoga as well as full 45 minutes classes. In addition to providing yoga as a physical practice, we also incorporate classes on the history, culture, and science of yoga. Our clients also receive a one-on-one yoga assessment that provides a personalized experience. With this comprehensive approach, our clients become more informed on the practice as a whole and get a deeper understanding of how it impacts them and their recovery. The end result: Clients learn to ground themselves in their bodies and reduce stress. Additionally, as clients progress through harder sequences, they learn patience and acceptance of where they are - a healthy coping mechanism they can bring with them as they transition back to daily life.

Interested in connecting mind-body-spirit through yoga? Contact us to learn more about how yoga can supplement your recovery treatment plan.