When clients enter our Intensive Outpatient Program, they can expect all the same therapeutic services of a residential program, in a relaxed environment. Our IOP takes place five days per week from morning until early afternoon. This schedule can be a great tool for working professionals or executives seeking treatment who also need the early morning, afternoon, and night to work. All of this from the comfort of our luxurious Sober Living Facility.

Clients can also choose to work, volunteer, and will attend recovery meetings in the community. This level of care is great for anyone who is struggling with active addiction and needs structured support.

The Ohana’s Intensive Outpatient Program was developed to prepare our clients with all the tools they need in their transition back into day-to-day life outside of treatment. Our clinical program focuses on integrating clients into a larger recovery community during and after their stay with us. The Ohana agrees with the research that most substance use disorders involve trauma. Hence, The Ohana program is rooted in trauma informed therapeutic care to assist the client in gaining insight and practice of new coping strategies in a safe, and healthy community. We focus on the “why” of addiction, and the “how to'' interrupt the cycles of self destructive behaviors aiding in long term recovery.

The Ohana Holistic Program builds its foundation on mindfulness practices in everyday application through mindful music, yoga, meditation, and implementing “The FOur Agreements” practices to assist in dealing with difficult situations and improving distress tolerance.

Our education provides the ability to be vulnerable, develop emotional honesty and intimacy, explore how the body reacts to trauma through biofeedback, understand how addiction affects the brain, examine re-enactments in our interpersonal relationships, and reflect on the complexity of their family dynamics.

With our daily process groups, patients can practice emotional honesty, intimacy, and vulnerability with one another. Through authentic connections, patients will have a place to build a sober “ohana,” and with it, take that skill back to their ohana back home.

Our program removes the individual from all the temptations and triggers from society for a prolonged period. If an addict returns to their previous way of life too soon after treatment, they are at a higher risk for relapse. Developing the real work coping strategies to cope with adversity requires support, modeling, and feedback. Our 30-120 program is crucial to learn how to transition back into daily life, by strengthening all the therapies and ideas that inpatient or partial hospitalization treatment has shown them. At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, our Intensive Outpatient Program’s goal is to help our patients live a sober, constructive lifestyle after treatment. We successfully give our clients the tools they need to stay sober.

Clients also work with their therapists one-on-one weekly. When clients are not attending group therapy programs, they are participating in yoga, meditation, or adventures across the island; clients are encouraged to go to meetings, seek employment, or have sober fun in Kona. IOP provides clients with a smooth transition from a 24/7 residential treatment setting to continuing their journey of recovery and living a happy and sober life in a less restrictive environment. Family members can rest assured that their loved ones are getting the drug and alcohol treatment needed to make a lasting change and having the best shot at staying sober.

The Reason to choose The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center’s Intensive Outpatient Program

At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we believe in providing our clients with the highest standards of care while providing opportunities for growth through recovery in a luxurious environment. By offering our tailored Therapeutic Living Program, we can truly connect with everyone that comes through our doors and teach them all the tools they need to be successful on their new recovery adventure. If you or someone you know is searching for an intensive outpatient program integrated within a sober living environment, give us a call. We have highly trained admissions and intake coordinators ready to help 24/7. Call us now at (866) 6-OHANA-2.