The Ohana’s intensive outpatient program was developed to help individuals attain long-term recovery through adventure-filled, trauma-informed, and evidence-based practices. Our program prepares clients with all of the tools they need in their transition back into day-to-day life outside of treatment and focuses on integrating clients into a larger recovery community during and after their stay with us. The Ohana agrees with the research that most substance use disorders involve trauma. Hence, The Ohana program is rooted in trauma-informed therapeutic care to assist the client in gaining insight and practicing new coping strategies in a safe, and healthy community. We focus on the “why” of addiction, and the “how to'' interrupt the cycles of self destructive behaviors; aiding clients in attaining long-term recovery.

Our program provides the ability to be vulnerable, develop emotional honesty and intimacy, explore how the body reacts to trauma through biofeedback, understand how addiction affects the brain, examine re-enactments in our interpersonal relationships, and reflect on the complexity of family dynamics.

With our daily process groups, patients can practice emotional honesty, intimacy, and vulnerability with one another. Through authentic connections, patients will have a place to build a sober “ohana,” and with it, take that skill back to their ohana back home.

Recovery residences are designed to provide a safe and sober environment for individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders. They connect individuals to the community, and to resources in the community (such as mutual aid groups). Our recovery residence is located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii in thea heart of Kailua-Kona. At the Ohana, we believe that setting and environment play an important role in an individual’s healing. By removing triggers and taking the time to reconnect to nature in beautiful Hawaii, we optimize the individual’s ability to heal.

At The Ohana recovery residence, you can expect excellence in the space, lifelong connections, and an on site staff that will be with you on your journey to wellness, every step of the way.