Our Mission

To help individuals attain long-term recovery through adventure-filled, trauma-informed, and evidence-based practices.

Our Vision

Everyone is able to find freedom from active addiction.

Established in 2020, The Ohana is the newest facility, and the only world-class intensive outpatient program and integrated recovery residence for the treatment of substance abuse on the Island of Hawaii. In creating our center, we chose the best staff from programs across the nation to provide treatment for individuals in a post-pandemic world.

The Ohana was founded in order to address gaps in the continuum of care for substance use disorders; it extends care beyond detox and inpatient residential treatment, assisting clients in the transition back to life. One of the hurdles experienced by the founder was the need for extended intensive care paired with the ability to continue working and staying connected with the world. The Ohana overcomes this hurdle by utilizing an intensive outpatient program paired with a recovery residence to provide the balance between intensive care and personal accountability. Our program is designed to help individuals heal while giving them the opportunity to continue working or going to school part-time.

Our name, “The Ohana,” means family; it captures our commitment to building a healthy and happy community. We know that isolation and addiction go hand in hand so we treat this matter with a focus on connections. We create a family and foster an environment of loyalty, trust, and commitment to recovery, with both our clients and our staff.

Our Beliefs and Values

At The Ohana we acknowledge that every treatment facility is different. It is important that potential clients find a program whose beliefs and values resonate with them for the best chance of success in recovery.

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What we believe about addiction and addiction recovery treatment:

  • We believe that most addiction stems from trauma and that getting to the root cause or, the “why,” leads to healing.
  • We believe that addiction is a complex disorder and is most effectively treated by professionals through a biopsychosocial approach which takes into consideration biological, psychological, and socio-environmental factors.
  • We believe that setting and environment play an important role in an individual’s healing. By removing triggers and taking the time to reconnect to nature in beautiful Hawaii, we optimize the individual’s ability to heal.
  • We believe that individuals need a program that provides them with structured recovery support while also allowing them to practice personal accountability and stay connected to the outside world.
  • We believe that one of the major issues of addiction is isolation which can be overcome through healing work that re-establishes our ability to connect and create Ohana.

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Our Values


At The Ohana, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing compassionate care to all of our clients. First and foremost, we fulfill this commitment by meeting every client where they are at. We utilize the Stages of Change Model to identify where the client is upon walking into our doors, and with our collaboration with the client, we create a treatment plan. Our goal is to meet the goals of our clients with a compassionate, client-centered approach.


Our efforts are directed toward one primary goal: excellence in all that we do. From our treatment philosophies to our daily interactions, we are committed to offering world-class experiences to those whom we serve. We honor this commitment by continuously seeking new, innovative, evidence-based approaches to our work. Striving for excellence challenges us to both adapt to and lead change, and it keeps us at the forefront of our industry.


Life is an adventure, and so is your journey to wellness. Although the journey to wellness isn’t always an easy one (transformation never is!) we make sure it is filled with nature, exploration, and dare we say, fun. On the Big Island of Hawaii we are surrounded with so many opportunities to connect us to back to the Earth and to challenge ourselves by putting us in our bodies as we zipline, snorkel, hike, and more. By engaging in various sober activities, we learn to conquer our fears and build community.


We call ourselves The Ohana because during our program, you can expect to build an Ohana that will carry over as you embark on your journey home. Developing honest relationships helps us really look at what wellness is for us and helps us create accountability in the case that we start drifting away from our goals. Healthy relationships are a mechanism by which we receive feedback as we continue to transform and transition into our daily lives.


Our reputation is built on trust and honesty. Those we serve look to us for hope and guidance, and we are obliged by reason to mirror those qualities that we espouse; for our work to have credibility, we are required to lead by example. We are thoughtful, intentional and ethical in all our actions in order to have a lifelong, meaningful impact on those we serve.


Our success requires a lasting investment from all of our stakeholders: patients, families, alumni, employees and professional and financial partners. All are directly related, and all are equally important; we engage each by clearly demonstrating the significance of our work—and their place within it. In establishing strong relationships with our stakeholders, we allow them to see the value and power of our combined efforts.