What is a Luxury Rehab?

A luxury rehab center is a high-end treatment facility that provides comprehensive recovery services for substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis treatment in a serene, resort-like setting. Alongside traditional therapeutic treatments, it offers upscale amenities like premium rooms, gourmet dining, spa services, and fitness centers. A high staff-to-client ratio ensures personalized attention, while unique therapies complement traditional methods. Luxury rehab creates an elevated recovery experience, merging therapeutic support with comfort and a holistic approach to mental health, and providing a distraction-free focus on recovery.

Luxury Rehab at The Ohana
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A Luxury Rehab facility With the Highest Quality of Care

The Ohana is a top-rated luxury rehab. We provide all the treatment modalities you’d find at a traditional treatment center, plus much more. In addition to evidence-based treatment, our program also provides a holistic approach that includes adventure therapy. All of this takes place on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, and is centered at our resort-style luxury facility.

Luxury Addiction Treatment Is Designed For Tranquility and Healing

The Ohana is a resort-style rehab located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Specifically, in the heart of Kailua-Kona, a seaside town located on the west side of the Big Island.


Our residential treatment facility is in 3,000 square feet of living space sitting on top of three acres of campus. You’re sure to find a favorite spot to call yours during your time with us. At The Ohana, we truly believe in the power of nature in the holistic healing process— especially on The Big Island. Our clients love to spend time on the grounds exploring, collecting fruit, and taking in the sunshine. They also enjoy the outdoor rain shower among the lemon trees, the fruit trees throughout the property, our rain-fed pool, and more.

Alcohol Rehab

Traditional Treatment vs. Luxury Rehab

Our luxury rehab program provides all the necessities of traditional substance abuse and mental health treatment and much, much more. We supplement our evidence-based treatment program with a variety of alternative methods that further deepen every client’s healing journey.


Electronics Allowed Rehab

Electronics Allowed

Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Cultural Therapies

Cultural Therapies

Gourmet Chef & Meals

Gourmet Chef & Meals

Beautiful Location and Setting

Beautiful Location and Setting

Is A Luxury Drug Rehab Program a good fit for your Needs?

Luxury mental health and drug addiction treatment is not just for celebrities—it’s for everyday people who are looking for a more comprehensive treatment program, in a setting that is conducive to supporting their mental health. If you’ve tried traditional drug and alcohol treatment but found it to be unsuccessful in helping you attain long term recovery from drug abuse or mental health, or if you are starting treatment for the first time, luxury rehab may be your best option.

Our center includes everything you’d get with a traditional treatment plan, plus other elements that help address substance use disorder from a whole-person lens. Our luxury rehab center offers adventure therapy, holistic healing, and cultural programming that can only be found at our center. Adventure therapy allows our clients to take in all The Big Island has to offer, while our cultural program gives us an opportunity to truly appreciate, and honor the generosity of the island’s people and history

Luxury Rehab Program

The Benefits of coming to Hawaii for Luxury Drug Treatment and Rehab

Choosing one of Hawaii’s luxury rehab centers offers unique advantages. The serene environment and natural beauty aid relaxation—crucial in mental health recovery and drug addiction treatment. Hawaii’s emphasis on wellness and its isolation from the mainland triggers create an ideal healing setting. Plus, the tropical climate allows for outdoor and water-based therapeutic activities, adding a unique touch to the luxury addiction recovery experience.

How much does Luxury Rehab cost?

Pricing at our luxury addiction treatment center varies depending on the length of your treatment and your individual needs. The cost of treatment reflects the access we provide to luxury amenities and personalized care. However, we want to make sure that the high-quality care we provide is as accessible as possible, so we offer multiple payment options and accept major PPO health insurance providers. We’re also always available to assist with insurance verification and financing solutions — just reach out if you need help.

We Accept PPO Health Insurance from Numerous Providers

Our Admission Process

We keep our admissions and treatment processes simple through clear communication with our admissions staff. First, we’ll start with a confidential conversation to assess your needs, followed by insurance verification and a clear explanation of available financing options. From there, our staff will determine an appropriate treatment plan. Just follow these steps

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