A day treatment program that offers high-quality care tailored to meet your needs.

We provide the ideal program for those who do not require inpatient treatment, or who wish to transition from an inpatient program and would benefit from continued structured care and focused therapy. During our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also known as our Day Treatment Program clients receive individual treatment and group therapy sessions five days a week and are able to work or enjoy Hawaii during their off time.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Despite the name, a PHP does not involve time in a hospital. Rather, it is a day program that is more immersive than intensive outpatient care, but requires less intensive treatment than an inpatient stay. Traditionally, a PHP is provided following detox or an inpatient stay. However, if a client doesn't require an inpatient stay but would still like more structured care, a PHP may be a great option, even as a starting point. At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center we offer treatment at our outpatient clinic. Clients may choose to also utilize our luxury housing with all the benefits of sober living as a home base while we provide high-quality PHP at our outpatient clinic. By offering a luxury sober living in addition to PHP, we are able to maximize care while granting personal freedom for our clients who don't require an inpatient stay. Clients can expect to receive six hours of treatment (a combination of individual and group therapy alongside other methods) a day, five days a week. Want to learn more about the different treatment methods we offer? treatment methods

Inside our program

During our Partial Hospitalization Program we employ holistic and evidence-based methods to help you attain long-term recovery. Additionally, our clients stay at our recovery residence so they can fully focus on their healing.
Holistic Therapy We connect mind, body, and soul in our holistic therapy program. We offer a variety of holistic methods including: ecopsychology, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, art therapy, massage, and more. Learn More
Evidence-based Treatment We use a variety of evidence-based treatments that help our clients get to the root of their addiction. Treatments include: CBT, DBT, psychodynamic therapy, trauma work, and group therapy. Learn More
HAWAII REHAB Our program's location is an ideal environment for healing —a place that is not just free of alcohol and drugs, but where everything is geared toward success in recovery and reconnecting with the self. Learn More

Who Should Consider a PHP?

When it comes to selecting treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is crucial to find a program that has the highest-quality care and makes accommodations for personal needs. The work we do at The Ohana is critical to regaining and expanding life and transforming addiction into a journey of long-term recovery. We are successful because we offer the right expertise in an environment made to be enjoyed and remembered forever. We want our clients to wake up each day excited to make the most of their time and empowered to use their natural strengths to attain recovery on their terms. To those considering whether a PHP is right for them, here are some common characteristics of our clients:
  • Have successfully completed detox
  • May have completed an inpatient program
  • Are looking for structure alongside personal freedom
  • Are seeking a balance of cutting edge treatment and holistic care
  • Want more rigorous care than an intensive outpatient program

Curious if you or a loved one are a good fit for our partial hospitalization program? Speak to one of our team members to explore this option.