At The Ohana, we have partnered with Kaloko Gardens to provide you with a safe, luxurious space free of drugs and alcohol. By helping remove you from a destructive environment with relationships that may have contributed to your use, our outpatient treatment coupled with Kaloko Garden’s sober living, empowers you to truly do the deep work and get on the path to recovery.

Sober Living at KALOKO GARDENS

At The Ohana, we believe that the right environment is vital to recovery success. At Kaloko Garden’s Sober Living Program, clients are able to safely remain clean and sober from alcohol and drugs without the temptations or destructive factors of the environments that they came from. While no treatment occurs at Kaloko Garden’s Sober Living, clients are able to feel safe and secure from drugs and alcohol and can choose to participate in The Ohana’s outpatient treatment program downtown. Outside of being in a sober environment, another benefit of participating in Kaloko Garden’s Sober Living is gaining more opportunities to form healthy relationships with others on the path to recovery. It is always encouraged to connect and form more relationships in recovery. Additionally, clients can take advantage of all of the amenities at Kaloko Garden’s facility including: a rain fed pool, jacuzzi, outdoor rain shower, firepit, and more. All clients are also able to use the center's WiFi to stay connected to school, work, and their friends and family. A Sober Living is an added protective factor for clients that participate in our Outpatient Treatment Program. Our Programs

Benefits of Sober Living

Reduce Risk of Relapse Living in a sober environment understandably reduces the risk of relapse for program participants. Clients are removed from temptations and are able to focus on their growth.
Build Peer Relationships Spending more time at the center allows clients to build healthy relationships. We encourage our clients to take advantage our our amenities as they connect.
CONTINUED SUPPORT Those in our Sober Living Program have continuous access to support with their peers or with a therapist at our outpatient location.

Is a Sober Living Program right for you?

A Sober Living Program is available for clients that are participating in some sort of therapeutic program at our outpatient treatment center. For example, although the Sober Living Program we partner with at Kaloko Gardens is not a requirement for clients in intensive outpatient care, many of our clients choose to participate in Sober Living to further their work in recovery. If you are considering a deep dive into why you use, pairing your therapeutic program with a Sober Living Program is a great way to further solidify your recovery before re-entering the environment that you came from.

Find out if a Sober Living Program is a good fit for your needs. Contact us today!