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Welcome to The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, your sanctuary for personalized recovery in the heart of Hawaii’s lush paradise. At Ohana, we believe that recovery is a journey that should be traversed with grace, dignity, and absolute comfort. We also believe that luxury addiction treatment is pivotal in self-care and obtaining long-lasting recovery. We’re devoted to creating an oasis of tranquility and support where our clients can uncover the tools needed to reclaim their lives from addiction.

What Is Luxury Addiction Treatment?

Luxury addiction treatment goes beyond traditional rehabilitation programs, providing top-tier clinical care in an environment reminiscent of a luxury resort. At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we couple world-class addiction treatments with high-end facilities and personalized amenities. Our clients can benefit from private suites, fine dining, individualized therapy sessions, and holistic treatment options, including yoga, massage, and meditation, all while being enveloped by Hawaii’s breathtaking natural beauty.

What We Treat

At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we understand that addiction is multifaceted and impacts each individual uniquely. Our experienced team is prepared to address a variety of addictions and co-occurring disorders:

Alcohol Addiction

We offer comprehensive care for alcohol addiction, blending detoxification, therapy, and aftercare planning. Our approach targets not only physical dependency but also the emotional triggers of addiction. We empower clients with the tools for long-term sobriety and life rebuilding. We provide innovative and results-driven therapy in our luxury addiction treatment programs, which are meant to treat all facets of the human – not just the addiction.

drug addiction

Drug Addiction

Our luxury addiction treatment centers address various drug addictions, offering personalized treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each client. We provide detoxification, therapy, and skill-building programs to enhance resilience and coping strategies while promoting a drug-free lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis

Recognizing the complexities of concurrent disorders, we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment. Our integrated approach ensures that both addiction and mental health disorders are treated simultaneously, enabling clients to achieve comprehensive and sustained recovery.


Anxiety Disorders

We provide treatment for anxiety disorders, integrating therapeutic interventions, stress management techniques, and holistic treatments. Our goal is to equip clients with coping mechanisms, thus facilitating a balanced, worry-free life.



Depression treatment at The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center focuses on restoring happiness, motivation, and a zest for life. Through therapy, medication management, and lifestyle coaching, we assist clients in overcoming depression’s debilitating effects.


Bipolar Disorder

At The Ohana Center, we offer tailored treatments for bipolar disorder, combining psychotherapy, medication management, and lifestyle coaching. Our aim is to help clients manage mood swings, mitigate symptoms, and live balanced, fulfilling lives, minimizing the impact of bipolar disorder on their day-to-day existence.


Our trauma-focused therapy helps clients process and overcome past traumatic experiences. Utilizing evidence-based practices, we aim to minimize the lasting impacts of trauma and assist clients on their journey to recovery.



We offer treatment for individuals dealing with codependency. We focus on fostering self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and healthy relationships, helping clients break free from detrimental relationship patterns.




Our PTSD treatments are designed to help clients overcome the effects of trauma, integrating therapeutic interventions with coping skills training. At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we’re committed to guiding individuals toward a balanced, fulfilling life.

Why Look to The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center For Help

When it comes to addiction treatment, Hawaii welcomes you with open arms. Choosing The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center means choosing a new beginning. Our commitment to excellence and individualized care allows us to deliver treatments that address the symptoms of addiction as well as its core causes. Encased in tropical tranquility, we offer an environment conducive to healing and rejuvenation, backed by a professional group of dedicated healthcare providers who go the extra mile to ensure the recovery journey is as comfortable as possible.


Options For Insurance

To make our services accessible, we work with most major insurance providers. Our administrative team is ready to guide you through the process of understanding and maximizing your benefits.


How To Get Started

Initiating your journey toward recovery is as simple as reaching out to us. Our Hawaii addiction treatment centers are here 24/7 to answer any questions, address your concerns, and guide you through the admission process. Let us help you reclaim your life from addiction; reach out to The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center today, and embrace a brighter, healthier future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury addiction treatment often offers a more comprehensive range of services, with a greater staff-to-patient ratio, providing a more personalized treatment experience. The amenities and facilities are often more comfortable and luxurious, akin to a high-end resort or hotel.

Services at our luxury addiction treatment center include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and various recreational therapies. Amenities can vary widely but may include private rooms, fine dining, fitness centers, yoga and meditation classes, spa treatments, and beautiful, serene locations.

This can vary depending on the individual’s needs, but it typically ranges from 30 to 90 days, with some long-term options that can last for six months or more.

Staff at luxury treatment centers usually include medical doctors, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, registered nurses, and other specialists. Many staff members have advanced degrees and certifications in addiction treatment.

Luxury treatment centers often offer private rooms and secluded locations. They are also bound by HIPAA regulations, which require them to keep patient information confidential.

Many luxury centers offer family therapy and designated visiting hours, though the specifics can vary from center to center.

Patients usually participate in a structured daily schedule that includes therapy sessions, recreational activities, meals, and personal time, all designed to support recovery.

Luxury treatment centers often offer private rooms with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and often scenic views. Some may even resemble suites in luxury hotels, with high-end furnishings and décor.

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