For the working person, thinking of undergoing treatment for addiction can be daunting. The question may be looming in your mind, “How will I be able to make money while undergoing treatment?” There is an answer.

During your stay at The Ohana, you can undergo treatment while working remotely. Our services offer 3-4 hours of therapeutic programming with room to work after treatment for the day. You have the choice to tailor your treatment to include either exercise, adventure therapy, or the time to work remotely. With the hybridization of a Therapeutic Living Environment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment, you can get the help you need without giving up your time to work.

At The Ohana, we believe that success not only comes from the treatment you receive, but also alleviating the stress that comes from leaving your job while you’re in treatment. So, enjoy your time in treatment while alleviating the stress that comes with leaving your life for a month or two.