Codependency Treatment Center in Hawaii


Codependency is a relational behavior style that looks different for different relationships. Commonly, codependency results in individuals losing their sense of self and feeling unable to leave the relationship although they recognize its toxic nature. At The Ohana, we treat codependency through individual and group therapy, relationship building activities, and holistic therapy.


Codependency used to refer to the often unbalanced relationship between an individual suffering from SUD and their partner or family members. Today, this term is used more broadly to describe unhealthy relationships where one individual is stuck in a giver role, while the other remains in a taker role.

It is important to note that caretaking on its own does not mean codependency, it is the loss of self, and self worth that indicates that codependency may be present.

In a codependent relationship, the giver may be afraid to leave the relationship because they are afraid that the taker cannot make it without them. Additionally, they may not know who they are without the need of the taker. On the other hand, the taker also has a hard time leaving because they have become reliant on the giver.

Codependent relationships can occur within various relationships:

  • Romantic partnerships
  • Friendships
  • Parent-child relationships
  • Sibling relationship
  • Work relationships


Codependency can look different within different relationship structures. Below are a few signs that you are in an unhealthy, codependent relationship.


Codependency often results from attachment styles formed during childhood. Since psychodynamic therapy seeks to understand how a person became who they are, it is a great option for individuals seeking to break habitual codependent behaviors.

Additionally, group therapy is a great space for individuals to explore how codependency has shown up in their relationships. During group therapy individuals can connect to others with similar experiences and practice setting healthy boundaries. Clients at The Ohana are also able to practice boundaries and develop trust in others in various adventures on the island as a part of the Adventure Therapy Program.

Finally, an important aspect of healing from codependent relationships involves developing a strong self of self. Holistic therapy, which helps clients connect mind, body, and spirit is an effective avenue to gaining a strong sense of self to find freedom from codependent behaviors.


When To Seek Treatment for Codependency

People with codependency relationship patterns are susceptible to substance use disorders for various reasons. Since codependency can make it difficult for a person to set boundaries, they often engage in the same behaviors as their partner. Codependent people who have partners with substance use disorder are more likely to develop an addiction themselves.


Additionally, some symptoms of codependency are emotionally painful. Extreme people-pleasing can cause people to lose their sense of self or repress their feelings. Many use drugs or alcohol to cope. This can quickly become a serious addiction. People in this situation require comprehensive treatment for codependency and substance use disorder.


The Ohana

Why Choose The Ohana for Codependency Treatment?

The Ohana delivers codependency treatment in Hawaii as part of its addiction treatment programs. Our residential and outpatient services include psychotherapy sessions with counselors experienced in treating codependency relationships.

We also specialize in dual diagnosis treatment and understand that a long-lasting recovery relies on creating a codependency treatment plan alongside managing the drug or alcohol dependency.

The Ohana provides all of these high-quality services from its well-appointed luxury rehab facility on the Big Island. The combination of expert care, peaceful surroundings, and a comprehensive care continuum make The Ohana the ideal rehab for codependency treatment. 

Cost & Insurance Coverage for Codependency Treatment in Hawaii

The cost of rehab and codependency treatment in Hawaii may start at $3,000 for outpatient services and upwards of $8,000 for inpatient services. Luxury codependency programs have an even higher cost due to their exceptional accommodations and extra benefits, such as gourmet meals and on-site wellness specialists.

Codependency treatment programs are usually included under substance use or mental health care, which are eligible expenses in many insurance plans. Depending on your policy, your insurer may cover some or all of your treatment costs.


FAQs About Codependency Treatment

Codependency has its roots in early childhood trauma. Often the family of origin had unhealthy coping strategies, such as addiction or enabling. Codependency can also arise as a result of childhood abuse. Children growing up in these toxic dynamics learn to suppress their thoughts, emotions, and own needs as a survival tactic. As they get older, these strategies make them more likely to become involved in abusive relationships or develop substance use disorders.

With treatment, people can recover from codependency and learn healthier ways of relating to other people. Codependency is usually treated with individual and group therapy. Talk therapy contributes to a holistic recovery, in which clients develop self-awareness, strengthen their personal boundaries, and improve their communication.

Codependency has a cyclical relationship with substance use. The aim of codependency treatment is to disrupt the behavioral and thought patterns that lead to enabling and substance use. Codependency treatment teaches clients to address the underlying factors driving their unhealthy behaviors and rectify these issues by developing better coping skills.


Further, in order to maintain recovery, clients must be able to commit to sobriety, even if their loved one continues to actively use or drink. Dual diagnosis treatment for clients with codependency also evaluates the connection between the client’s relationships and substance use.

Since codependency patterns take hold early in life, treating the condition takes time. Recovery often happens in stages. Most people will seek out codependency treatment in Hawaii at The Ohana during the first stage, also known as rock bottom.


After completing therapy and achieving preliminary sobriety, the client will reach the middle stage, where they can address their early childhood traumas and rebuild their sense of self. In the final stages, the individual has recovered enough to form healthy, two-sided relationships and set and achieve goals independently. Going through these stages can take anywhere from several months to several years.