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If you find yourself uninterested in the things that used to bring you joy, disconnected, and unable to complete daily tasks – you may be suffering from depression. In a 2020 study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), it was found that 8.4% of US adults had at least one major depressive episode. At The Ohana we help individuals dealing with depression find joy again.

Depression Treatment In Hawaii?

What is Depression

According to the DSM-5, major depressive episode is, “A period of at least two weeks when a person experienced a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities, and had a majority of specified symptoms, such as problems with sleep, eating, energy, concentration, or self-worth.”

It is unavoidable, that at some point in our lives, we will all feel down, or sad. This may come from a variety of reasons such as: the end of a relationship, job loss, death of a close one, etc. But it is important to note that depression is different than sadness (though it could occur at the same time).

With depression, one might have everything good going for them. Stable job, relationship, good health, etc., but internally they are unable to enjoy all of these things. They may describe the feeling as, “Everything is going great, I don’t know why, I just feel utterly down.” They might show up to social gatherings, but feel no joy from being there. They may also notice they find no joy in activities that normally make them happy.

What is Depression

What causes depression? symptoms of depression

Much like other mental disorders, depression looks different for different people. You may relate to most of the symptoms below, or just a few of them. It is important to be aware if any of these symptoms ring true so you can attain treatment before the depression worsens.

Can depression get better without treatment?

There are many different types of depression, and each form requires different types of treatment. Around half of all cases are single episodes, which means that the individual has no prior history of depression and does not experience another episode in their lifetime. This type of depression is usually caused by a stressful event. Therapy can help reduce the symptoms associated with the episode and prevent relapse.

Between 70 to 90 percent of people with depression have recurring episodes. Depressive disorders caused by specific circumstances such as seasonal changes or hormonal fluctuations may be less symptomatic at certain times. However, the condition itself will not go away without treatment. Untreated depression can have serious side effects such as low energy or suicidal ideation. The stakes are even higher when depression is dually diagnosed with a substance use disorder.

Substance abuse can exacerbate depressive symptoms and even trigger depression in some people. One out of three people with depression has a co-occurring alcohol addiction. This makes untreated depression very dangerous and raises the risk of serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, organ failure, and cancer.

Can depression get better without treatment?

Why receive depression treatment in Hawaii?

There are many benefits to seeking out depression treatment in Hawaii. For the millions of people with seasonal depression, Hawaii’s 3100 hours of annual sunlight mitigate some symptoms naturally and allow clients to focus on their sobriety. Likewise, The Ohana’s depression treatment program offers a variety of outdoor therapies that make the most of Hawaii’s magnificent nature.

Social connection is also an important aspect of depression and addiction recovery. Our name, The Ohana, comes from the Hawaiian word for family, which extends to include close friends. At our depression treatment centers in Hawaii, we meaningfully incorporate the Hawaiian reverence for community and environment into our treatment approach.

We also acknowledge the importance of healing the spirit and mind as part of the recovery journey. Our holistic approach includes meditation and mindfulness therapy, nature-based excursions, and bodywork.

Why receive depression treatment in Hawaii?

​​Comprehensive Depression Treatment in Hawaii at The Ohana

At The Ohana we offer a variety of treatments that help individuals get freedom from their depression and learn how to manage it if symptoms arrive in the future.

Psychotherapy, CBT, and DBT

We offer a variety of evidence-based treatments like psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). We also evaluate individuals to see if medication would be an appropriate addition to their treatment plan.

Medication Management

Many clients grappling with dually-diagnosed depression and substance use disorder benefit from medication. Our trained expert team delivers a treatment plan that considers interactions, potential side effects, and the best course of action to treat both conditions.

Holistic Practices for Mind, Body, and Spirit

We also offer holistic practices that help heal the individual by addressing mind, body, and spirit. Practices include mindfulness and meditation, acupuncture, massage, yoga, and more.

The Healing Environment at The Ohana

One of the greatest things we offer at The Ohana, is our healing space. As clients connect to the land, the natural elements, and the luxurious environment, many feel their spirits lifting. As spirits lift, we are able to do deep healing work that prepares clients for their return home.

How to help someone with depression?

Few situations are as heartbreaking as watching a loved one struggle with depression. Friends and family may not know how to help and may feel powerless against their loved one’s disorder. Experts recommend the following actions to support someone with depression:

Understand the severity of the condition: To the untrained eye, the apathy and lack of motivation caused by depression can be mistaken for low initiative or laziness. However, depression is a serious disorder that disrupts normal brain function. A person with depression cannot simply will themselves out of their illness.

Be supportive: People with depression often isolate themselves from others. It is important not to take this personally. Instead, reassure the person and offer to help in any way possible.

Seek out professional help: Depression does not go away on its own. People who try to hide their illness or self-medicate with drugs or alcohol can develop a substance use disorder and are at a high risk of harming themselves. The Ohana provides evidence-based depression treatment in Hawaii for individuals with a dual diagnosis of depression and substance abuse. Reach out to our specialists and learn more about how we help. 

How to help someone with depression?

Cost & Insurance Coverage for depression treatment in hawaii

The cost of depression treatment varies based on your care plan and the length of your stay at our facility. No matter what, we’ll make every effort to give you access to the care you need. We accept a range of insurance plans and assist our clients in understanding their coverage options to make treatment accessible and affordable.

Cost & Insurance Coverage for depression treatment in Hawaii

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Our Admission Process for depression treatment in hawaii

Our admissions process begins with a confidential conversation. Talking to you helps us understand your unique needs and find the best ways to help and serve you. We guide you through each step of admissions, from verifying insurance coverage to planning your arrival. Take the first step towards hope and healing — contact us today to learn more about our treatment options.

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