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At The Ohana, we serve clients who have successfully detoxed from all substances or are at least three days from last use of alcohol or drugs. Many of our clients come to us seeking extended care after completing inpatient residential treatment. Others seek our services after successfully detoxing at a detox facility or on their own (please seek professional guidance as detoxing on your own can have fatal consequences). If you or your loved one is interested in our program but have not yet detoxed, we are happy to connect you with resources in your area and we look forward to working with you in the near future. We encourage you to contact us and speak to one of our team members today.

Our clients are people who are committed and ready to change. They desire freedom from active addiction and are ready to do the work to attain that freedom. They are open-minded and willing to dive deep within themselves to address past wounds in order to support their long-term recovery. Our clients are willing to learn, and ready to practice, various therapies on their journey to wellness.

We serve our clients through adventure-filled, trauma-informed, and evidence-based practices that are implemented in our outpatient day program which has the highest level of care and structure provided within a recovery residence. In the 30 to 120 day program, clients commit to meeting 5 days per week for multiple hours each day. During this time, clients participate in ongoing therapy (individual and group), mindfulness practices (yoga, meditation, art therapy, etc), and group adventures around the island. Although our day program requires a time commitment, patients have the availability to work or go to school part-time after therapy each day and on weekends.

Our name, “The Ohana,” means family; it captures our commitment to building a healthy and happy community. We know that isolation and addiction go hand in hand so we treat this matter with a focus on connections. We create a family and foster an environment of loyalty, trust, and commitment to recovery, with both our clients and our staff.

Our care for our clients continues even after their successful completion of our program. We continue to support clients by checking in with them and identifying if they are in need of further local support. We help connect them to mutual aid groups as well as therapists in their communities. They also have continued access to their patient portal. In this way, we keep our Ohana thriving as everyone transitions to their daily lives.

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