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We understand that getting into treatment for addiction can be a daunting process and we want to make sure that everyone that considers our facility is aware of the process from initial contact and entering our facility, to treatment process and aftercare. We are by your side every step of the way.

Initial contact.

You may either contact us directly by calling us at (877) 6-OHANA-2 or you may email us via our contact form. You can expect one of our team members to get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Initial phone screening.

During our initial phone screening, we will ask a series of questions and determine if our Therapeutic Living Program is a good fit for you. We will answer any and all questions you may have for us (you can visit our FAQs in the meantime), verify your insurance (if not already complete), and discuss other payment options if applicable. If we conclude that you are a great candidate for our services, we will get you set-up with payment and begin coordinating your travel arrangements.

If we feel that you need a level of care outside of our scope (such as detox or inpatient residential care) we will refer you to the appropriate resources. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to all individuals that reach out to us, even if we are not an appropriate fit at the time of initial contact.

Travel to The Ohana Treatment Center.

For clients coming in from out of state, we will assist in booking flights and transportation from the airport to our facility. We want to relieve any stress so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we move through the process.

Arriving at The Ohana Treatment Center.

Upon arrival at the center, we will complete an in-person intake and initial screening, go over center rules, and get you set-up with everything you need. The first day with us is all about getting settled, so prepare to unwind and relax before going to sleep on your first night, your journey to wellness officially begins the following morning.

Treatment (30-120 days)

During treatment, you will work with our clinical staff to co-create a treatment plan that includes holistic and evidence-based practices. You will participate in daily group sessions, and weekly one-on-one sessions with our clinical staff. You will also participate in adventures on the Big Island and develop skills to form healthy relationships. During treatment we will explore your relationship to substances and explore behaviors that undermine your well-being. In these 30-120 days we will identify your needs and healthy sources to meet those needs. We will also identify sources of support so you are able to re-integrate into your community and pursue a healthy life. During your time at our facility, we will often revisit your treatment plan to check-in on how far you have come and what supports need to be put in place to continue fostering growth.


During discharge, we will work with you to create a discharge plan that builds a bridge from being in a protected environment to transitioning back to community. We look at how we can replicate your success here in your own community. We connect you to mutual aid supports, therapists, psychologists, and activities back home. The discharge process is an ongoing assessment during which we acknowledge how far we’ve gotten and what there is left for us to do.

After care.

During aftercare, you can expect ongoing contact from our clinical staff as we follow up on your journey. We will check-in to see how you are doing and help you attain any additional supports if they are needed.

Ready to begin?