Why Should I Leave Home For Rehab?


If you’re struggling with addiction and want to get help, you may be feeling scared or apprehensive. You may want to stick close to home, thinking that a familiar environment will help you feel safe as you get sober. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I leave home for rehab?” 


That’s understandable, but experience tells us that staying in your current environment may not be your best course of action. The truth is, sometimes the best choice is to step out of your comfort zone and into a place that can offer you the best chance at healing. Many of our out-of-state clients have felt that getting away from their familiar surroundings was key in helping them achieve long-term sobriety. Below, we’ll dive into some of the reasons that leaving home for treatment can be the right choice for your recovery.

What are the Benefits of Distance?

When asking, “why should I leave home for rehab?” be honest with yourself. 


Let’s face it: home can be distracting. Being surrounded by friends and family, while occasionally comforting, can lead to making the same choices. Many of our clients have found that getting away from familiar places and faces have helped them to focus solely on their recovery. By getting some distance, they can start fresh, away from the triggers that have reeled them in time and time again.

The Benefits of Getting Away From Negative Influences at Home

Environment and habit can be powerful triggers. Staying in a familiar environment can lead to familiar behaviors, which can lead back to addiction. By choosing a treatment center like The Ohana, you’ll be giving yourself space from those negative influences, and giving yourself a real shot at recovery.

The Disadvantages of Distance

Of course, being far from home can also have its downsides. You might feel homesick or isolated at times. You may feel disoriented by your new environment and stimuli. You may be way out of your comfort zone. 


Remember, though, that this temporary distance is crucial for a lifetime of change. Choosing to seek help away from home offers you the unique chance to focus on recovery without distractions. By moving away from negative influences, receiving top-notch treatment, and having a supportive team by your side, recovery is possible.

The Ohana Helps Organize All Travel Accommodations

Worried about how you’ll get here? Leave that to us. 


Starting your recovery journey takes a lot of courage in and of itself—you shouldn’t have to handle logistics on top of that. We make traveling easy by organizing all accommodations for you. You don’t have to stress about the details. All you need to do is reach out.

Picking the Right Treatment Center if You Decide to Leave Home

Now that you understand the benefits of traveling for treatment, how do you pick the right one? First, determine whether you’re looking for detox, alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis treatment, or drug rehab. Are you actively in addiction and needing help to wean off a substance? If so, detoxing at The Ohana may be the best option for you. Our program is unlike any other in the country, and our tailored approach ensures you get the care you need.


What to Look for in a Program that Best Suits Your Needs

When choosing a rehab, look for:

  • A dedicated, seasoned clinical team that really cares about your recovery.
  • Therapeutic, evidence-based programs that fit your specific addiction.
  • Supportive surroundings and a positive atmosphere.
  • Comfortable amenities.


The Ohana boasts all of these. The Ohana Process is designed to make you feel at home while you’re there, ensuring you’re comfortable and supported. Once you arrive, you’ll meet the Ohana Team. They are the best of the best, with some of the most renowned clinicians in the industry. Additionally, our highly individualized, evidence-based program, holistic healing opportunities, supportive recovery family, and cultural and adventure therapies make The Ohana one of the most unique treatment centers in the world.


Reach Out Today

Like many of our clients, you’ll be surprised at how much can change with a simple phone call. Today could be your last day in active addiction. Reach out to us today and we’ll guide you step by step through the admissions process, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve long-term sobriety. 



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