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Are you recovering from an addiction? Are you wondering if you need a customized treatment plan?

If you’re in need of addiction recovery, you’re not alone. In fact, 10% of adults in the US have some type of drug disorder at some point in their lives.

There are many approaches to recovery that are similar for all types of substance abuse. These could include individual therapy, meditation, and self-care through a variety of activities.

Yet one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to recovery. Your plan will require its own timeline, as well as a unique combination of therapies.

Here’s why a personalized treatment plan is essential to your long-term well-being.

Individual Reasons

People become addicted to substances for a variety of reasons. This will certainly impact your recovery in a variety of ways. You’ll have different treatment types and lengths than those who get addicted for other reasons.

Some people may become addicted to a substance because of family history. Others may become addicted after light use. Your living environment may also contribute to drug abuse.

The right therapy program will address all aspects of substance abuse. These could include physical, mental, or emotional needs.

If medications are necessary, an individualized plan can assess when they are needed as well as when prescriptions need to change. You may also require medically supervised detox initially.

Since every person addicted to substances is a unique story, all plans should reflect this. A single step-by-step guide won’t fit the needs of most.

Types of Therapy

There are lots of types of therapy out there, and your plan may require several options. You may, for example, benefit from some educational programs or individual behavioral counseling. Or you may benefit from the peer support provided by group therapy.

Your situation could get better with family counseling. This will allow those living in your home to help create a safe environment as you recover. It can also help you solve any communication or relationship problems that are contributing to substance abuse.

You may benefit from a program that focuses on holistic therapy. This could include yoga, art, or mindfulness. Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the formation of psychological processes that could lead to substance abuse problems.

You may also choose a therapy that uses unique types of activities to develop self-esteem and conquer fear. These include adventure therapies that could involve activities such as zip lines or snorkeling. These can help you to develop strong relationships and mindsets that will ease your transition into sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis

Another reason why it’s important to pursue an individualized plan is that substance abuse often occurs alongside a co-occurring mental health disorder.

These could include anxiety, depression, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) ADHD, bipolar disorder and treatment for OCD.

The way one mental health disorder impacts substance abuse is unique in every circumstance. Individual needs must be carefully assessed, and treatments should get prescribed based on unique concerns.

Similarly, an individual could get addicted to more than one substance. Careful medical treatment can ensure that the individual isn’t triggered to use a different substance in place of the other.

Stage in Life

Your stage in life will also impact the type of treatment you’re prescribed. Young adults may be more concerned about peer pressure than older adults. Younger folks, however, may not understand the role that financial pressures play in substance addiction.

While there are situations when the young and old can learn from each other, it’s important that treatment plans focus on the unique challenges presented by an individual’s age. Physiology can also change with time. Individual treatment plans are critical to keeping therapies age-appropriate.

Health Issues

The health issues presented by addiction and withdrawal are unique to everyone. You may, for example, be dealing with lung disease, dental problems, or nerve damage. Those detoxing may find themselves experiencing flu-like symptoms.

A qualified therapy team can help you manage medical symptoms related to substance abuse. They will know what prescriptions and natural remedies can help you. And they can monitor your progress as you move toward recovery.

Choosing the Right Treatment Plan

The right treatment plan for you will depend upon a number of factors. A qualified team can help you diagnose these problems and prescribe the right plan.

Residential treatment programs, for example, allow you to live on-site for days, weeks, or months at a time. There are also outpatient options for those who prefer to live at home.

Inpatient plans usually involve a period of detox, where you will be monitored by professionals during an uncomfortable experience. Next, therapeutic support will involve activities, peer support, and medical care.

You may want to choose a program that is faith-based or one that is geared toward a particular age group. It’s critical to do your research beforehand.

You can read online reviews and see what former patients are saying. Was the program successful? Was the staff friendly and professional?

You’ll also want to check with your health insurance as to what kinds of programs are covered. Many programs cover inpatient care, outpatient facilities, and medical detox. Follow-up counseling and co-occurring mental health conditions may also be covered.

If you aren’t sure what is covered, you can call up your insurance representative for more information. You can also find out if the facility you’re interested in offers any discounts or promotions.

Your Individual Treatment Plan

Recovering from substance abuse isn’t easy. However, a personalized treatment plan can get you well on your way toward a bright future. With the right program and the right support system, your substance addiction could soon be a thing of the past.

Don’t stop getting smart about substance abuse recovery now. For more information on excellent treatment programs, contact us today.

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