The Importance of Individualized Treatment Plans

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The importance of individualized treatment has been emphasized when it comes to treating substance use disorders (SUD) and healthcare in general. Medical professionals that specialize in mental and physical health have realized that one method of treatment doesn’t work for all patients. Providers that treat SUD have spent years trying to shift the general understanding of addiction from an acute care model to a chronic care model that focuses on recovery, not just abstinence. There’s also an increased understanding of the factors that play into addiction like biological, environmental, and social interactions. Thanks to these updated practices, more people are receiving proper treatment nationwide, but some have yet to enforce the use of individualized treatment. 

At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we prioritize individualized treatment for every client by understanding them first and foremost as a person and their recovery needs. With our trained professionals and treatment programs, we can help start you on your recovery adventure today.

Individualized and Holistic Treatment

For years, treatment facilities utilized standard methods of treatment for all patients. If individuals do not receive an individual plan of care, there’s an increased risk of relapse. Additionally, shared treatment methods fail to account for each individual’s personal needs. Some may have certain values, religious beliefs, or life practices that shape how they want their recovery to look. By creating an individualized care plan, facilities show their clients that they respect those beliefs and see them as a person first ungeneralized by the disease. There are many ways treatment centers can implement individualized treatment into their programs. That might include:

  • Utilizing motivational interviewing 

  • Avoiding expectations based on judgment 

  • Help clients feel empowered in their recovery 

  • Respecting clients personal beliefs and creating a plan within their value system

In addition to individualized treatment, The Ohana offers holistic treatment plans, which include a personalized, non-medical, whole-person approach to addiction recovery. Our holistic program uses mindfulness-based practices and adventure therapy to encourage our clients to create peer relationships and treat their mind, body, and spirit. Holistic methods focus on the person as a whole, not just on treating their addiction. Individualized and holistic treatment also makes for a stronger integration back into everyday life post-treatment. Combining individualized treatment and holistic care creates a person-first approach to recovery. 

Individualized Treatment and Addiction

Another benefit of our individualized and holistic approach to recovery is its focus on addressing past traumatic experiences. Addiction frequently results from trauma, and when people are incapable of coping healthily, they turn to substance use. The Ohana believes that peace can be found within. Each client has the power within themselves to find that peace and let go of their unhealthy coping mechanism like substance use.

Additionally, the harmful effects of generic treatment significantly outways the cons of individualized treatment, which are already few and far between. An example of a generic treatment method is the 12-step program. While the 12-steps can be successful for some, it’s not for everyone. Individualized treatment views addiction as a disease and focuses on emotional and spiritual well-being in addition to mental and physical health. It also creates potential paths for recovery that clients can choose for themselves while also building stronger peer connections and sober community support.

Indiviudalized Treamtent at The Ohana

Part of our mission at The Ohana is to meet every client wherever they are with their addiction and create an individualized treatment plan that meets their specific needs. Only you are the expert in your own life. We have the clinical modalities to help you get to recovery, but we can only implement them effectively if we fully understand your needs. Together with our clinical team, we’ll help you identify struggles, create solutions, and achieve your recovery goals. That begins with completing an assessment with each client to strategize on a treatment plan most effective for each person’s needs. Collaborating with our clients helps them feel empowered in their recovery, which is important for effective treatment and self-esteem.

Our goal at The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center is to create individualized treatment plans for each client to aid in their recovery from alcohol, drugs, and or other co-occurring illnesses. Every client’s care plan will look different, as it should. Additionally, our luxurious facility and geographical advantages will help you to relax, recharge, and recover while learning how to maintain recovery long-term. To learn more about our individualized treatment, holistic programs, and clinical modalities, we encourage you to reach out today and start your recovery adventure with us. Don’t wait any longer. Find your freedom from addiction.


Failure to create an individualized treatment for people seeking addiction recovery has negative results. For starters, generic treatment plans fail to see each client from a person’s first perspective. Successful treatment doesn’t just focus on addiction, it focuses on a client’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs too. Failing to tailor treatment plans for clients can make it hard for them to maintain recovery long-term. When our clients leave The Ohana, they return to their own lives and the struggles of their own lives. That includes relationship problems, career pressure, and general life stressors. The inability to cope healthily with these stressors leads people to use substances. Successful recovery means learning to handle stress healthily and individualized treatment means teaching you the tools necessary to cope healthily. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, we encourage you to reach out to The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center at (877) 6-OHANA-2 today.

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