Changing Your Perspective – Recovery Is a Rebirth


Through the years, the process of entering into treatment and beginning a path to recovery has changed and evolved. Individuals have faced, and continue to face, judgment and prejudice for dealing with this chronic illness. Thanks to modern-day research, medical and psychological professionals have been able to convince more and more people each day that addiction is an illness that often causes more suffering than most realize. 

The biggest danger of judgment and stigmatization is that it’s prevented people from seeking the necessary treatment that can help them enter into recovery. There is a misconception of what the recovery process entails, which may also hinder one’s decision to seek help. However, if we are simply open to changing our perspectives, we can gain a greater understanding of how recovery is a process of rebirth. Deciding to enter into your recovery is a powerful first step, and it showcases that someone is ready to change their life for the better. Instead of thinking of recovery as a trial and tribulation, try to think of it as a time of physical and spiritual renewal.

Recovery and the Process of Renewal

Individuals who are newly entering into recovery are often amid a severe dissociation. Long-term and excessive drug use will cause individuals to feel a disconnection between their minds, bodies, and even their spirits. They may feel like they’re in a fog or daze in the beginning stages of treatment. Especially if they are still in a withdrawal or detoxification period, which we strongly encourage people to seek help with. Reconnecting your mind with your body may take some time. Unfortunately, not all facilities can provide the time or the space needed for individuals to feel renewed.

Treatment facilities may run into issues regarding the level of care they can offer to individuals. That could be because of a lack of individualized treatment plans, inability to adequately teach individuals healthier life coping skills, or just a lack of qualified staff or personnel. In those instances, it’s difficult for people to feel like they are being renewed into recovery. When treatment centers can provide their clients with healthier coping techniques and teach mindfulness-based practices like yoga or meditation within a safe and comfortable space, recovery slowly begins to feel more like a rebirth and less like a chore. 

Despite the inevitable obstacles that come with treatment, one should be able to celebrate the evolution that they are allowing themselves to go through to improve their quality of life.

Finding Spiritual Renewal

At The Ohana, we believe that recovery is a spiritual process regardless of what spirituality means to you. Addiction recovery can be an intense process of spiritual renewal in addition to physical renewal. Addiction can leave people feeling isolated and alone while clouding their sense of who they are. Many lose all sense of self-worth, the ability to connect with the people they love, or even the ability to connect with themselves anymore. For many, finding or reconnecting with your spirituality provides a sense of hope, and as long as individuals have hope, recovery is always possible.  

If you are in a state of despair or feel completely disconnected from your mind, body, or the world around you as a result of active addiction, we encourage you to seek treatment today. The path to recovery begins with a single step, and The Ohana can help you take that step right now. Not only do we have competent professionals to guide you on your journey, but our holistic and individualized treatment plans are designed to help you feel refreshed and renewed as you continue in your adventure to recovery.

Renew Yourself at The Ohana

As mentioned, recovery can feel less like a rebirth experience when a treatment facility is only able to offer minimal treatment or services. At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, one of our priorities is to ensure that our clients can have a peaceful and relaxing experience. We believe that when going through a transformational process like intensive addiction treatment, it’s essential to be in an environment that fosters healing. We can offer clients this healing environment due in part to the beautiful location of our facility, but also through the various amenities offered.

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment, in particular, helps individuals truly experience that process of rebirth. This personalized, non-medical, whole-person approach to recovery helps our clients connect mind-body-spirit through different mindfulness-based practices like yoga, meditation, and several adventure-filled activities. This holistic approach allows our clients to find inner peace and rebirth in a way that helps them integrate back into their everyday lives.

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