Practicing Holistic Recovery

February 6, 2022

At Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we provide a holistic approach to recovery and provide our clients with support that addresses all of their needs, whether it be regarding mental and physical health, emotional support, social well-being, or spiritual well-being. We are committed to identifying new, effective methods of recovery and, as a result, have become more knowledgeable about what factors play a part in a successful recovery. 

Your physical surroundings, past experiences, and long-term goals can have a heavy influence on your recovery adventure. A holistic approach to treatment can improve your chances of achieving long-term recovery because it emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of a personalized treatment plan. 

Assuming that one method of recovery is right for every person is like thinking that one shoe size fits all. Individuality is what makes every human being unique, so it is essential to personalize each treatment plan. Ohana Addiction Treatment Center offers various programs and treatment methods that can help you start your adventure of recovery today and find freedom from your addiction today.

The Mélange of Holistic and Clinical

There are several holistic approaches that, in combination with clinical methods and practices, can reap many positive outcomes. Some holistic methods and practices that can be considered for treating addiction include adventure therapy, yoga, various meditation practices, herbal medicines, and even ecopsychology, which is a newer therapy that can improve your overall wellbeing by connecting you to nature. 

These practices have been highly successful at treating drug and alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring mental illnesses in a way that promotes an overall healthier lifestyle. Overall, holistic treatment methods help you become more familiar with mindfulness practices that ultimately lead to more peace of mind and a more holistic lifestyle.

Some of the clinical modalities that can be implemented in combination with these holistic practices include adventure therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and psychotherapy to name a few. Clinical treatment programs can be rigid and strict, but treatment is shown to be more effective when you have freedom and empowerment in your recovery. Holistic treatment allows you to learn how to look past the medical side of treatment and use inner strength and spirituality to better yourself.  

Holistic Practices and Life-Changing Decisions

One of the reasons why holistic treatment can be exceptionally effective is because it promotes overall life changes. In order to achieve long-term recovery from active addiction, you will have to make significant, and sometimes difficult, adjustments in your life. Those adjustments can range from improving your diet, engaging in self-care practices more regularly, or changing surroundings, associations, or habits. Our relapse prevention program successfully incorporates clinical modalities and holistic practices into everyday life, allowing you to make positive lifestyle changes and prevent future lapses.

Additionally, holistic therapy programs that include a personalized, non-medical, and whole-person approach can help you reconnect your mind and spirit to your physical body. This can be made by employing mindfulness-based practices and fostering peer relationships during adventure-filled therapies. Our ultimate goal is to assist you with developing the knowledge and skills needed to help you find a sense of inner peace and maintain healthy relationships when assimilating back into the world post-treatment.

Holistic Treatment at the Ohana Addiction Treatment Center

Here at the Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, we set the foundation for long-term recovery by addressing factors that may be holding you back from being your most healthy self. This may include addressing traumatic experiences throughout your life, feelings of self-doubt or low self-esteem, and other emotional roadblocks. 

You are more powerful than you may give yourself credit for, and we can guide you through your journey to find inner peace by looking within. Our holistic program is designed to educate you on how to tap into your internal power and replace unhealthy habits and negative coping mechanisms (such as substance use) with ones that promote mental and physical health.

The foundation of our holistic therapy focuses on music, yoga, meditation, and teachings from the Hawaiin community on mindfulness and spiritual practices. Spirituality is whatever helps you feel connected to your Higher Power, nature, the land, and your internal strength. It is through these connections that you can learn to use your power to change the outcomes of your life. Only you can take the first step towards your recovery adventure, and like any adventure, there will be a lot of ups and downs. Nevertheless, the Ohana Addiction Treatment Center can equip you with mechanisms that can enrich your recovery adventure.

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