Helping Connect Mind-Body-Spirit Through Holistic Practices

Our Holistic Therapy Program features a personalized, non-medical, whole-person approach for addiction recovery. The program helps individuals connect mind-body-spirit through various mindfulness-based practices such as meditation, yoga, art, and more. By providing tools that help clients develop inner-peace and healthy relationships, we prepare clients to integrate back into the world.

Our Holistic Approach Focuses on the recovery within

In our Holistic Therapy Program we look at the things that hold us back as human beings. We address past traumatic experiences, childhood wounds, self-doubt, and more. Our belief is that the peace we are looking for is within us; by tapping into this internal power, we are able to let go of unhealthy, external coping mechanisms such as substance use.


The goal of our Holistic Therapy Program is to have clients leave with tools that go beyond the clinical scope to help them deal with themselves as they leave treatment. We acknowledge that many of our clients are going back to their same environment, but now they are equipped with various mindfulness practices that will help them deal with that environment in a healthy way.


In addition to introducing clients to mindfulness practices to take home, we take clients on various adventures that help them build healthy relationships with their peers. Clients develop relationships rooted in loyalty, trust, and commitment to recovery.


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how we implement our holistic therapy program

The Holistic Therapy Program builds its foundation on mindfulness practices in everyday application through mindful music, yoga, meditation, and the implementation of “The Four Agreements” to assist in dealing with difficult situations and improving distress tolerance. We also utilize Ecopsychology to help clients connect to the world they live in. Additionally, we offer art therapy, massage, and acupuncture to further connect mind-body-spirit.


In this program, we bring in leaders from the Hawaiian community and introduce various mindfulness and spiritual practices. At The Ohana, we explain that spirituality is whatever you want to call it; for us the most important aspect is that it creates connection. We will create a space for everyone to comfortably voice their own opinion and experience with spirituality.

We Use Various Holistic Modalities


Ecopsychology a relatively new therapy that treats people by connecting them to nature.


Yoga helps clients connect mind-body-spirit through intentional movement and breath.

Meditation And Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness help clients slow down, take a breath, and get into the present moment.

Art Therapy

Art therapy helps our clients tap into and reframe past events through various creative outlets.


Massage therapy helps relieve physical tension so our clients are better able to relax in their bodies.

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