Heal through the creative process.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates various modalities such as painting, sculpting, writing, collaging, and more. Though people have been using art as a therapeutic outlet for ages, it officially became a formal practice in the 1940s and continues to gain momentum today. At The Ohana, we believe that everyone has a well of creativity that can be tapped into and used to process various life experiences.

The benefits of art therapy

Art therapy is an effective way for clients to process and transform past and current experiences. Through creative modalities, clients can learn to retell experiences in a way that most empowers them to live a healthy and self-directed life. Additionally, creative pursuits can boost their self-confidence, feelings of connection to self and to a higher power, and more.
Increase sense of well-being
Revitalize positive experiences
Increase creative expression

How art therapy is implemented

At The Ohana, we primarily implement art therapy through visual modalities and ceremonies. A powerful exercise that our clients participate in is the painting of recovery rocks. On these rocks clients paint their hopes and aspirations for recovery with the intention of leaving the rocks behind for the next group of clients to come. Similarly, clients paint birdhouses that represent the home that they would like, capturing different elements and emotions that are also left on the grounds for future groups. In addition, clients create vision boards that capture their daily meditations and help them create an intentional image of what they want for their future. Through all creative pursuits, clients practice mindfulness and strive to tie in their daily intentions to create cohesiveness across all of their projects. The end result: Clients learn to tap into creative modalities that help them process past and present experiences. Overtime, clients experience an increase in confidence, well-being, and resilience.

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