Immerse yourself into nature.

Ecopsychology, as indicated by the name, is a combination of ecology and psychology. The purpose of ecopsychology is to reconnect people with the natural world that many have been isolated from in modern society. At The Ohana, we spend a lot of time on The Big Island exploring various natural wonders and immersing our clients in the beauty and awe of the natural world.

The goals of ecopsychology

The biggest goal of ecopsychology is to connect people back to nature. Ecopsychology rests on the belief that we are intricately connected with nature and that embracing this connection results in positive outcomes for people and for the environment.
Reduce  emotional and physiological stress
Expand human connections with nature
Promote environmental sustainability
Our clients experience the benefits of ecopsychology through various adventures that we take on The Big Island. As a result of deepening their connection with the natural world, clients experience a reduction in stress and become more apt to care for the environment.

How ecopsychology is implemented

At The Ohana, one of our biggest offerings is truly the location in which our facility resides. Being located on the Big Island of Hawaii provides us with ample opportunities to explore the natural world around us and reap the benefits that this immersion provides. From visiting the volcanoes of the island, to ziplining through the forest canopy, and gardening on the grounds, we are so grateful for all of the opportunities Hawaii grants us to connect with the environment. By providing our clients with these various experiences, our clients begin to see how connected they are with the natural environment. From seeing the lava bend and mold, to planting a seed and watching it grow, they come to understand that their life is also comprised of stages of growth, rest, and endlesss change. The end result: Clients establish a deep connection with the natural world around them and experience nature as a place they can go to  lower stress levels and cope in a healthy way. Additionally, clients gain a new found sense of respect for the natural world, striving to protect and cherish it.

Are you craving getting back in touch with nature? Find out if ecopsychology is a good fit for you!