Benefits of Luxury Inpatient Programs


There are many different treatment programs suitable for different individuals when seeking recovery. Many of these are inpatient treatment programs. It’s not often that people think that their recovery experience can be luxurious. At The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, though, we make luxury a priority for every client that walks through our doors. The word “luxurious” sometimes denotes a negative and pretentious kind of connotation. Those unfamiliar with the mechanics of a luxurious inpatient program may have this misconceived notion in mind when they hear the word luxurious, but that’s not the case with our treatment programs. Our location alone can provide individuals with a luxurious feeling, surrounded by what can only be described as a vision of paradise. 

If you or someone you love is looking for a treatment program with a touch of luxury, The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center and its top-tier treatment programs may be the place for you. Let The Ohana guide you on your adventure to recovery today.

The Luxury of Location

Being located in the middle of an island has a variety of perks. One of those perks includes the prime opportunity to utilize our surroundings for one of our primary, and most effective, methods of treatment: adventure therapy. Navigating through the beauty of the island offers individuals the chance to connect with and reap the benefits of the healing power of nature which, in turn, allows them to connect their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Adventure therapy combines nature, community, and exercise while introducing clients to sober activities that will allow them to tap into nature, reconnect, develop more self-esteem, and learn to cope with and conquer their fears more healthily and productively. Some of these adventures may include snorkeling, volcano exploration, or dolphin and equine therapy.

Additionally, our resort-style facility comes with ocean views and is surrounded by miles of scenic beauty. We believe the setting is essential to successful recovery, especially when the recovery process is an intensive treatment program. An environment that fosters healing and eliminates outside stressors allows our clients to focus on treatment and recovery. The path to recovery may come with roadblocks and a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embark on that path surrounded by luxury and beauty.

The Perks of Luxury

While it’s important to focus on the work, some perks come with luxury. First and foremost, a more luxurious environment makes implementing holistic treatments a smoother process. Going through emotions, past traumas, and baggage from your past can be an exhausting process. These holistic methods might include yoga, meditation, breathwork, and the ability to make individualized treatment more possible. Luxury treatment facilities may also include benefits like focusing on physical activity, nutrition, and treating other mental illnesses that you’re struggling with. This allows for us to treat the whole body, leading to the potential for longer-lasting recovery.

Another perk that may be highly desirable to some individuals is the access to technology provided in a luxury facility. Many c-suite and executive individuals may be seeking a recovery center that will allow for technology access so that they can continue working and growing their careers. While the stresses of a career can be negative, losing that career can be even worse. Our luxury facility allows our clients to continue working towards their present and long-term career goals while freeing themselves from their active addiction.

The Ohana Amenities

There are several amenities we can provide to you at The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center. First, clients will have access to 1000 square feet of living space. The privacy and comfort of each client’s room contribute to client satisfaction and make focusing on recovery and healing from trauma go smoother. Our facility offers an entertainment and recreational space fostering a sense of connectivity and community between clients, a steam-room sauna for clients to renew their body after an adventure-filled day, and many luxurious outdoor spaces perfect for practicing yoga, meditation, or other mindfulness-based techniques.

Entering into treatment and recovery is a physically and emotionally difficult process. The Ohana believes that by providing our clients with a safe and comfortable space to heal, they can achieve the best results. A luxurious facility such as ours provides clients with privacy for necessary alone time and a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. If you or someone you love requires world-class therapy and looking for the most upscale rehab accommodations in the state of Hawaii, The Ohana may just be the absolute best place for you. Your recovery adventure can begin here.

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