How Privacy in a Luxury Program Will Benefit You


The Ohana emphasizes the importance of connection during addiction recovery. However, privacy and alone time are just as important. Taking the time for self-reflection and mindfulness is key to recovery. Through this quiet time, individuals can step back, examine their lives, and make the necessary changes for living a life free of active addiction. An issue often presented with treatment programs at other facilities is a lack of privacy. However, during treatment at The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center, you will be offered the privacy you need to recover. 

Through the luxury and executive programs offered at The Ohana, clients have the privacy needed to focus on themselves, their careers, and their personal goals, while still having the opportunity to connect with their fellow peers. This is especially due to our executive rehabilitation programs and facility capabilities. Of course, there are instances when individuals seeking treatment may not be able to fully have their own space during treatment, like if they are in dire need of more intense and interactive treatment. Nevertheless, The Ohana offers programs such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and executive treatment that can help you begin your addiction recovery adventure today. 

Luxury Rehab in Hawaii

Even individuals who are not experiencing alcohol or drug addiction can benefit from a period of rejuvenation, which is essentially what recovery is. One of the benefits of seeking treatment with The Ohana is the location itself. Hawaii is the perfect place to rest and reconnect your mind with your body and soul, which is an essential step in recovering from a life of active addiction. Our facility’s location allows us to implement several unorthodox methods of treatment through adventure therapy. 

Sitting on three acres of land with 3,000 feet of living space, our facility includes many amenities that can enhance and improve your treatment. Here at The Ohana, we have designated workspaces for individuals to focus on work and private rooms are also available for an extra cost. Many areas are shared spaces, such as our outdoor yoga studio, shared firepit or relaxation spaces, and several nature trails within and around the facility. 

However, despite these shared spaces, privacy can be found around every corner. Whether you want a private room, need quiet time in a workspace to focus on your career, or are simply looking for peace and quiet, this facility can offer what you need. Despite our emphasis on the connection among your peers, there are also plenty of opportunities to find time for yourself during your time here. 

The Importance of Time Alone

One important aspect of time spent alone during recovery, and in general, is the opportunity to find your true and authentic self. Despite the benefit of connecting with others in recovery, it’s important to bond with yourself. A life of substance use can lead you away from the person you were before addiction. Once you’ve made it through detox, withdrawal, and the early stages of treatment, you can begin recalling who you were, where your interests lie, and what goals you once hoped to achieve. Upon reestablishing these parts of who you are, you can begin setting yourself toward these goals again. 

Another important part of spending time alone during treatment and recovery is that you’ll begin to learn how to cope with the discomfort of being alone. Finding a balance between time spent with your support network and time spent alone is of the utmost importance in a balanced recovery. Many often discuss the dangers of isolation, but too much time spent with others can be just as distressing. How is someone in recovery supposed to truly cope with the threat of relapse if they aren’t comfortable being on their own? Time spent alone allows you to focus on the coping skills you’ll learn throughout your recovery and how to implement them in your everyday life. 

Consider Treatment With The Ohana

The Ohana believes that recovery is a process of transformation. It takes hard work, strong will, and a lot of support. An important difference between The Ohana and other facilities is that we believe treatment environments are key to the success of your recovery. For this reason, we focus on providing clients with a spiritually lifting, luxurious, and upscale environment to allow them to have a safe space to relax and focus solely on their recovery. 

If you are looking for a recovery program that can provide you with a safe space to discover inner clarity, reconnect with who you are, and learn the tools needed to maintain recovery long-term, consider treatment with The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center. Our facility can offer you what you need to focus on yourself and your recovery and offers both the connection and solitude. Addiction can be an illness of isolation that requires connection, but to achieve recovery means learning to be comfortable with oneself and becoming reacquainted with who you are and the person you hope to be.

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