Is Social Media Helpful or Harmful to Your Recovery?

person holding Iphone

Social media has taken the world by storm in the last couple of decades. However, more people are awakening the potential dangers social media and screen time cause to mental health.  First and foremost, social media is a tool. In some ways, it can help people in recovery stay connected and motivated. However, there are […]

10 Self-Care Ideas to Try in Recovery Today

Girl holding knees at a window

Prioritizing self-care is an important part of maintaining long-term recovery. Unfortunately, many of us find it difficult to practice self-care. Whether we struggle to prioritize it every day or feel self-centered, implementing self-care techniques is easier said than done. Nevertheless, there are many benefits of self-care for recovery and mental health. In treatment and recovery, […]

Resetting Your Living Space Post-Treatment

A white couch

For many individuals, changing their environment is key to a successful treatment, especially early on. Creating an environment that is peaceful and relaxing can make all the difference in your early recovery. Upon completing a treatment program, clients must integrate back into their everyday lives. That means returning to their homes, families, jobs, and relationships. […]

Living Outside of the Treatment Bubble

A woman with her hands in the air showing one hand free from handcuffs

Some find it difficult to differentiate between treatment and post-treatment. Especially after spending a significant amount of time in a treatment facility, it can be challenging to step out of the bubble and fully embrace recovery as a new adventure.  Treatment and recovery are very distinct chapters in your journey. Understanding this is important for […]

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

A person in bed struggling with depression

Sleep has a direct impact on both mental and physical health. It is essential for us to function, and allows our body and mind to recharge. Without sleep, we can not function properly, which may exacerbate other negative habits or struggles with physical and mental illnesses. A good night’s sleep can make a significant difference […]

Communicating Mental Health Needs in the Workplace

a group of hands

Being vocal about your mental health needs is essential to living in recovery and experiencing overall wellness. To meet these needs, you must be comfortable expressing them. It may feel uncomfortable and difficult to put into words, especially depending on the people you are communicating with and the environment you are in. One place where […]

Sharing Recovery Plans With the People in Your Life

A woman with her device and papers and a book and a pencil

Are you struggling with returning to your life after addiction treatment? You might just be experiencing some initial growing pains. Maybe you’ve hit little bumps in the road, but have those bumps caused a lapse in your sobriety? Transitioning from treatment to recovery is a process. Returning to everyday life has its challenges, some of […]

How C-Suite Alums Are Benefiting From Executive Treatment

A woman stretching at her computer on the couch

Have you ever been in a situation so out of your control that you’ve feared losing your job, career, and everything you’ve worked your whole life to achieve? Maybe you’ve been focusing on a professional five-year plan. You’ve probably spent countless hours working toward proving yourself worthy of whatever professional industry you’re trying to succeed […]

Seasons, Changes, and Mental Health Stages

woman shivering from cold

Have you ever felt that you’re more productive on a warm summer day than on a dreary fall day? Do you begin feeling sluggish or less inclined to do things that you typically find pleasurable after daylight savings time begins? Maybe you just generally feel more down in the dumps when your environment is darker […]

How to Manage Physical Pain During Treatment

A woman holding her back in pain

The recovery process can put the body through a lot of pain and distress. A primary example is during detox. The effects of withdrawal often include body aches, nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms.  During your recovery journey, there will likely be situations when you need to find alternative methods of pain management. Situations like […]

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