FAQs: What is Holistic Drug & Alcohol Treatment?


In the realm of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, holistic treatment has emerged as a powerful and transformative approach to long-term healing. In our Holistic Therapy Program, we look at the things that hold us back as human beings. We address past traumatic experiences, childhood wounds, self-doubt, and more. Our belief is that the peace we are looking for is within us; by tapping into this internal power, we are able to let go of unhealthy, external coping mechanisms such as substance use.


In this article, we’ll delve into what holistic drug and alcohol treatment means, explore the importance of holistic recovery, and provide insights into our holistic treatment program.


What is the Meaning of “Holistic Recovery”?

Holistic recovery goes beyond the traditional treatment approaches generally used in drug and alcohol rehab. It emphasizes the importance of achieving balance and well-being in all aspects of life. At The Ohana, we’ve seen time and time again that true recovery involves healing on multiple levels, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our holistic approach aims to help individuals rebuild their lives, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and discover their inner strengths.

What are “Traditional Treatment Approaches”?

Before you can understand what our unique holistic treatment approaches are, it’s helpful to understand what traditional treatment centers typically offer. 


Traditional approaches to drug and alcohol treatment often focus primarily on medical detoxification and behavioral therapy, using modalities like CBT and DBT. While these are important components of recovery, they may not address the underlying causes of addiction comprehensively, and they may not incorporate the body into the healing process. At The Ohana, we recognize the value of these traditional methods and incorporate them into our holistic program to provide a well-rounded and effective treatment approach. However, we also recognize that recovery can be more than just therapy—it can be a reawakening of the body and spirit.

What is Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

Holistic drug and alcohol treatment recognizes that addiction is a complex interplay of emotional, psychological, and environmental factors. Instead of solely addressing the symptoms of addiction, it focuses on the root causes and provides a nurturing environment for individuals to rediscover their sense of self. 


So, what is the holistic approach to drug treatment in practice? Our holistic program helps individuals connect mind-body-spirit through various mindfulness-based practices such as meditation, yoga, art therapy, ecopsychology, massage therapy, sound healing, and more. By providing tools that help clients develop inner peace and healthy relationships, we prepare clients to integrate back into the world post-detox.

What is the Most Popular Holistic Therapy?

Among the various holistic therapies, mindfulness and meditation have gained widespread popularity in addiction treatment. These practices have been shown to help individuals develop self-awareness, manage cravings, and build resilience. Mindfulness and meditation are integral components of The Ohana’s Holistic Treatment Program, aiding individuals in their journey toward sustainable recovery.


Picking the Right Treatment Center

When searching for a program that best suits your needs, consider factors such as the center’s philosophy, treatment modalities, success rates, and the expertise of the staff. The Ohana Process, developed by our experienced team, combines evidence-based practices with holistic therapies to provide a personalized and effective treatment experience.

What to Look for in a Program

When seeking a program that aligns with your goals and values, look for the following attributes:

Holistic Approach: Seek a treatment center that incorporates holistic therapies to address the whole person.

Individualized Care: Ensure that the program tailors treatment plans to your unique needs.

Experienced Team: Choose a facility with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff dedicated to your recovery. Want to learn more about our staff? Meet the Ohana Team.

Supportive Environment: Opt for a center that fosters a safe and nurturing atmosphere for healing.


Holistic drug and alcohol treatment is a truly groundbreaking approach to addiction recovery. Our holistic program provides individuals with the tools and support they need to achieve lasting healing. If you or a loved one is seeking alcohol or drug rehab that combines holistic therapies with evidence-based practices, consider The Ohana and embark on a transformative journey toward holistic recovery on the island of Hawaii.

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